Anima Zumba Shorts!

By ari - August 08, 2014

Hey friends!

Today I'm joining in the Shorts on the Line sewalong hosted by Imagine Gnats, Small + Friendly & Kollabora! You can enter your shorts onto Kollabora for your chance to win some prizes!

Now it's a no brainer to realise that here in Australia it's not exactly shorts weather! And instead of sewing myself something that I won't be able to wear for at least another two months (although hold that thought because today I was actually too hot in my leggings!)(Australian Winter... lol), I decided to sew something up that I can wear every week. Three times a week, if I'm good, I head off to Zumba for three different classes (dancing, Sentao & Toning!). Three times a week I could always fall back on my gym leggings, racer-back singlet and joggers although the more I go to Zumba the less i feel like i'm working out and more like I'm in this really awesome hip-hop bollywood 1920s jazz video. Yeh. Okay note how I said feel? Zumba is the most fun you can have while feeling super sexy and most likely looking like the biggest uncoordinated person on the floor. It doesn't matter though, because it is SUCH a blast!

So after browsing some shorts patterns and some pants patterns that could be turned into shorts I found my way over to Papercut Patterns. You know how there's pattern makers out there that you just totally love and could see yourself sewing every single thing they make a pattern for? Yeh, add these guys to my list! I'm going to need to get myself the Pneuma Tank pattern to go with these shorts! And then the Soma swimsuit because Summer Is Coming and hello I will need to show my Zumba body off!

I chose the Anima Pant pattern, mostly because they looked so damn comfortable! Originally I was just going to sew up some nice plain shorts for me to sweat in, but then I saw this fleece sitting on my bench that i was considering making a jogging suit for Eddie. You know, track pants and a jumper hah! However with little prompting from Sophie I decided to make it into something for myself!

The fabric I got from the op shop for about $2. Are you starting to hate me from telling you this stuff? All my weird and wonderful fabrics are usually sourced from the thrift stores for so so SO cheap. Makes my little heart so happy!

I sewed these up in a size M, as my waist measurement was that size even though my hips were in the XS region. I was a little worried about bulk, but I did want them to fit around my tummy. My legs are quite slender, but the style that I was going for with these shorts didn't require them to be slim fitting anyway. The pattern recommends fabric that has a little stretch to it, and while this fleece had a small amount I really would have just used it like a woven fabric.

The waistband, knee band and pocket bag lining is from black stretchknit from Lincraft. They are crazy comfortable, I really would like to live in these? Thank you.

I was super excited to sew up a Papercut Patterns pattern. Piecing the printed pages was very simple and everything went together well. Sewing them up too me maybe an hour or two maximum? Just an evening when I was feeling a little tired but wanted to do something that would make me feel accomplished. Voila, Anima Sweatshorts!

From my view, looking down, I was concerned they look a little bulky on me. I'm one of those girls that dresses for her shape so while everyone thinks I have a cute figure I'm just really good at throwing the focus away from my non-amazing features and drawing the attention to my great features! Most times, it's my legs. So putting excess bulk around my hips and thighs made me feel a little :/ but you know you're your own worst critic! Looking at them in the mirror and getting the opinion of Tim and my mum (Tim is so so so harsh on the things I wear, not because he's being a jerk but because he knows I prefer an honest opinion!) I realised that they really do look pretty great!

You can check out the roundup of Anima Pant inspiration over on the Papercut Patterns blog if you'd like! Lots of ways to make this pattern up in a casual pant, a classy dressy pant or even like I have for working out! You can buy the pattern right here (go take a look at all their other patterns!)

This post is part of the Shorts on the Line sewalong.  Shorts on the Line 2014 is sponsored by: Britex FabricsHawthorne Threadsmiss matatabi, and Soak Wash.  Hosted by imagine gnatssmall + friendly, and Kollabora.

Oh here, have a Le Derp!

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  1. ooooo those look so comfy!! nicely done.

  2. The perfect pants for Zumba, Max!!! And at $2, that fabric was an absolute bargain. Totally agree about Zumba - I love the feeling and freedom (and I'm SO unco!) Thanks for the heads up on Papercut Patterns - I had never heard of them. Pinned for when I need a new pair of Pilates or Zumba pants.

  3. I love these on you!!! SO so cute! Rock that Zumba girl!

  4. Love your sweatshorts! They are perfect for Zumba!

  5. I love SO much!

  6. OhMy ~ you are too adorable {sorry, the "Mother" in me had to spill it {0= }. I do NOT look that cute in my work-out clothes, probably even worse actually working out, HaHa! Thanks for the introduction to Papercut, pricier than I am used to but I've already bookmarked a few patterns! Those Anima Pants look AH-mazing & I just purchased them! l already know of at least two ladies who will be shortly BEGGING for their own pair...


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