Glass Onion Top Testing #1: Mermaid

By ari - August 04, 2014

I managed to get on top of to do list just recently, and had the chance to test the newest cutest top from Shwin Designs, the Glass Onion Top! It didn't take too long to put together, and the most beautiful part was that Shauna has made so many patterns I literally had no problems with this top in this sizing at all! 

I sewed up the 12-18 months, Eddie is 2 years old but her chest is only 18" so I sew up a lot of 12-18m stuff for her. She's quite short too, which is adorable and fun! She wears the same things I made and bought for her a year ago!

The Glass Onion Top is a sweet little blouse featuring a basic bodice with a gathered skirt-front. There are two sleeve options, elbow-length or cap sleeved. I chose the elbow-length for this top. There are also two back options, just a regular back (and by 'regular' we mean you're looking at a beautiful little apron cross-over style back!) or a pleated back. Eddie's mermaid top has the regular back. I did make it a little different by having one of the back pieces in a solid teal colour.

The sleeves were quite fun to sew, just a little different way than I usually do the cuffs on sleeves and I really like how neat it looks! Probably will be doing sleeves the way Shauna has outlined it in the pattern instructions from now on! I folded the hem of the sleeve up once on the outside to give it a cuff look.

We just so happened to have this teal fish ornament fountain thing sitting in our garden. It was just there when we bought the house, I think there used to be a water feature there perhaps. Anyway, I dig it ^_^

Ugh how cute are baby Vans?

The Glass Onion Top will be released on Wednesday! You will be able to get it from the Shwin Designs shop here 

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  1. In the words of Boston, "That baby is so cute."What a sweet top for a sweet baby.
    With Love,

  2. Oh my word, this is adorable. I love the fabric choice and the little remix of something different in the back. She is so stinking cute.

  3. such a nice fabric. i like the solid you added to the back. the top is really darling, and such a cute girl wearing it!

  4. Gah! I die of cuteness! You are amazing and that little girl is just as cute as can be! Thanks for testing!


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