Glass Onion Top Testing #2: Tartan

By ari - August 07, 2014

Guys it's Wednesday and that means that Shwin & Shwin Designs' Glass Onion Top is now available to buy! Want to see some more tester pics? Good.

So this is a cool thing that I made from the Glass Onion Top pattern. It's a little tartan tunic top with cap sleeves and the regular style back (there is a pleated version also). See something a little different than the last top (apart from the sleeves and the uh fabric!).

Yep it has a facing on the outside! I've seen this done a few times, but it really blew my mind when I saw Erin Keith do it here with the facings and the plackets on the outside. I made the facing one centimetre wider on the outside edge, then ironed it under. Instead of sewing it to the outside of the shirt and flipping it inside for a regular facing, I stitched it the inside of the shirt, flipped out (ironed the heck out of it) and then stitched the outer facing edge down too. I really like the effect!

In case you're wondering, yes Eddie has an undercut. I need to shave it back in!

Both fabrics are op-shop scores. The tartan is a very soft brushed cotton and the red is just a cheap poplin. I have about 4 metres of the poplin which was like $4 (they always have random prices on them, but I think it's generally $1/m)(Yeh, right? who wants to come op-shopping with me!). The tartan was about 2m but I didn't use very much of it at all. I'd love to make some tartan pants for the kids out of the remnants, how hilarious would a tartan two-piece be for Edison? haha.

And here's one for the road. I don't even know really...

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