Bundle Up: In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

By ari - August 21, 2014

No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power, Green Lantern's Light!

My husband is a MEGA Green Lantern fan, and although originally I didn't intend to do an outfit inspired by good old GL it evolved that way and I couldn't be more stoked! I was contacted a few months ago by the girls over at Pattern Revolution (half of the brains behind the concept is my good friend Suzanne that I met when competing against her in Project Run & Play!) to take part in their latest Bundle Up! tour. It's good news, really good news, because there are actually two very awesome and very different boy pattern bundles going down at the end of this month!

I got to sew up two of the twelve available patterns you can choose to bundle up, and I chose the P51 Flyer Jacket by Terra's Treasures and the Butler Britches by Brownie Goose. When I saw the patterns I felt like I had made a big mistake. I mean seriously that jacket is all sorts of EPIC and although I have sewn four motorcycle-style jackets in my time (two for me, two for Vin) they were ones I designed, so in my head I knew where all the pattern pieces were supposed to go and what it was supposed to look like. I also thought I'd screwed up with the Butler Britches because if you're a long time reader of this blog then you know my son Vincent is obsessed with his style being a certain way. Hair slicked down like 'Blondecai'...

...and pants so skinny tight they could probably cut off the circulation to his legs. As you can see the Butler Britches are wide-legged! I was like, "oh no I've made a terrible mistake" as I stitched them up, but you know what? He's wearing them right now out to a show with his dad (Wombat Stew); the pants have been in existence for a bit over 24 hours and he's worn them twice now. YAY!

So can I show you the details of both of these great patterns? I can? Sweet! Let's start with the pants!

We had to take the photos on two different days because it has been FREEZING this week. Like ice cold baby! The sunshine is so lovely but as usual, very deceptive and the wind is bone-chilling! Of course Vincent wore his pants for the rest of the afternoon of our first shoot and there is a drip of chocolate or something on them just in time for his second shot :,) (I don't actually know what it is because we don't have chocolate in the house?)

The Butler Britches are a wide-legged pant with rad cuffs that button up. I kept mine all black, because the little dude needs more plain-coloured pants in his wardrobe, and instead of the loop that goes from the top of the cuff up to the button I just stitched the button directly onto the cuff (lookout guys, we've got a sewing rebel over here!). I sewed these up in the size 4, although you can see that the legs should be a little shorter. Even though he's not absurdly tall for his age, he does have long legs. In future I would sew up the size 4 with a size 3 length leg. Totally not the pattern's fault though you guys because she DID say to try them on the kid so that they're not too long and make the cuffs look wonky! My bad!

They have a rad little butt pocket, there's two options you can choose from and you can put two on the back or just one like I did. I really, really, love this pocket! It's so unique! Expect to see that on many more future pants of Vincent's (and maybe on t-shirts too!).

The best part about these pants for Vin? Yeh, the cuffs double as the ALL IMPORTANT LEGO POCKET!

Such a model...

Okay okay, the jacket? I know you want me to talk about this too because COME ON! It's Green Lantern, it's a motorcycle vest and I slaved away on that thing for DAYS. DAYS you guys. AND SOME NIGHTS TOO. I'm totally proud of how it all came together and when I showed the little dude his eyes were as big as SAUCERS.

Now as I mentioned before, I'm no stranger to sewing motorcycle inspired jackets. I made myself two way back in my life before kiddos, and I made vin two, one of which he rocked out during Project Run & Play! So theoreticaly I know how they go together, I know what's involved, and I know it's a time consuming, labour intensive but TOTALLY rewarding sew!

 I think I glossed over it before, but I was diagnosed with ADD when I was pregnant with Edison, and just -knowing- that I have something going on with my attention span makes me feel so much less of a weirdo. Still, I like to pretend it's because I'm a creative mad scientist! However, sewing is something I can focus on, if I can see that I'm getting results fairly quickly (this is probably why crocheting and knitting is hard for me!). I spent two days and a late night sewing this baby up, and I can say it is my favourite thing I have sewn to date!!

The original jacket is made of leather and lined with sherpa fleece, but as usual when I see line drawings I see them as colouring in pages and I ALWAYS colour outside of the lines :,) (was that a totally weird analogy? Let's just go back to calling me a sewing rebel!) So I decided I wanted to make a motorcycle jacket instead of the aviator-style jacket pictured on the pattern. I also knew I wouldn't be making it out of leather!

I'm not sure what sparked it, probably because I've been in Sew Geeky mode since this month the theme is Marvel Vs DC and all I can think about is superheros (oh wow really? Like I'm pretending I don't always think about super heroes :,) ) So there's a Green Lantern maybe not all of you are familiar with (in fact there's hundreds), but the one I'm talking about is one of the GL's assigned to Sector 2814: Earth! This is the third Green Lantern, or Fourth depending on what arc you're reading, and his name is Guy Gardner. Now I'm not really the biggest fan of Guy. I think he's a bit of a jerk but he's got to be pretty amazing to get to be a Green Lantern so I am reserving judgement!

As you can see I didn't copy his motorcycle vest exactly, but took elements of it for inspiration! I moved the Green Lantern symbol to the back sort of like a back patch. I freezer paper stencilled the green lantern symbol onto some white fabric then stitched it on. I kept a lot of the white accents off the jacket, but the small facing piece I made it white and I wasn't sure it would look alright but I took that leap of faith I should be familiar with by now and added it in instead of making it plain black. I love it.

It wasn't until I was almost done that i realised I had no idea how to sew the armholes. There's several ways you can sew armholes in lined garments, but I hadn't thought it through and most of them involved leaving the shoulders or the hem opn: both of which were firmly sewn shut with design elements added already to them! So I made some bias binding from the scraps of the green broadcloth I used for his jacket and bound the armholes. They worked out so much better than I hoped!

Modifications to the original pattern
- left the sleeves off
- took 1cm off the armhole both at the shoulder and the armpit (this is standard procedure for turning sleeved things sleeveless!)
- added a backpatch!
- left off the waist tabs
- sewed everything in reverse because my fabric didn't have a wrong side (not recommended. this was not intentional ahah)

Want to see the inside? It's actually my favourite part so hold onto your hats because Vincent is about to show you (very dramatically). Ya ready?


I freezer paper stencilled the start of the Green Lantern oath onto the inside waistband piece, which took a long time but once again: worth it!. Once the jacket was all together I also topstitched the green lantern on the backpatch, knowing that it would be a really cool outline on the inside of the jacket! I was totally right. There's also a small green lantern fabric patch way up there on the shoulder. Yeh that's when I sewed the lining wrong, tried to rip out my stitches and ended up ripping the fabric. Good job Ari, Good job.

Details of the Bundle Up Sale:
The sale runs from August 22-29, and you can buy a minimum of 6 patterns at a really reduced price (I think each pattern is marked downlike 50%), but you can totally buy more patterns in the bundle and the more you buy the cheaper it gets! Woo! Head over here to check out all the patterns. You get to choose which ones you want, there is 12 to choose from!

If you're into boy sewing as much as I am, or maybe you just need some inspiration, check out the following blogs who are also on this tour:

Want to see my other Green Lantern outfits? Check out the Green Lantern tag. For more nerdy creations there is also the Batman, Star Wars and Sew Geeky tags!

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  1. Very cool! I love that you thought outside the box on both patterns!

  2. I love this so much! I think I'm going to have to make my boy a green lantern jacket too. (He LOVES green lantern!)


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