Zebra Emerson

By ari - September 13, 2014

A little while ago I decided to look on eBay for some fabric, and since I don't really buy brand new fabric all that often I just searched for my two favourite brands: Alexander Henry and Robert Kaufman. The first thing that came up with this cool black zebra print fabric, and while it's probably not normally my style I wanted it anyway! I think I was in a 'must buy something anything' mood!

It arrived almost the same day I got this sweet pattern to test for Ginger House Designs so it was pretty much meant to be right? It's called the Emerson Dress and it's brand new and super cute! My favourite is the bodice feature!

The fabric is by Alexander Henry, and I lined the bodice in just a blue broadcloth because I wanted that pop of colour. The Emerson Dress has several options for the front, but instead of ruffles and (gasp!) pompoms I made some piping in the same blue. I really want to do pompoms next though!

 There are also options for sweet flutter sleeves, but I opted to keep them off because I knew the fabric was pretty busy enough and with the contrast piping I just didn't want it to be TOO much ya know? I stitched up the 2T size but the length was the 18month I think. Maybe it was the 18month with the 12month length lol. Either way I still would make the skirt shorter again just because I prefer little girl dresses being above the knee. It's just my thing! I'm just not really a fan of longer skirts but it's something that is so easy to adjust!

Construction was a total breeze. It was straightforward and just flowed so easily. The diagrams are clear and very professional and it was just one of those dresses you don't have to overthink with what you're doing to get it to come out right. I know black is supposed to be one of those colours you don't put on kids and it is quite severe on Edison's glow-in-the-dark whitest-white skin, but I love it. Black rules ^_^

This little two year old is starting to have very clear ideas about what she does and doesn't want to wear. And when she wants to wear it. And if you can take photos. She LOVES this dress, but yeh photos were just not going to happen. She ended up sleeping in this dress because sometimes you just have to pick your battles right?

She spent most of the time collecting rocks. Next dress might need pockets for her to carry her stash in!

You can buy the Emerson Dress pattern right here, trust me it's a good one! Follow GHD on facebook too so you can see other pretty dresses made by others for inspiration!

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  1. Love this :) Totally just made my night! You're fabric choices are perfect! Is it bad that I didn't even know about the "no black" thing. Someone said something when I had Molly in black once and I was confused! Ha! Do you mind if I post one of the pictures on my blog and put a link to this post??

  2. love it!! and loving the new site bling : )

  3. Love that print. She looks super sweet in her zebra dress

  4. toddlers and photoshoots are two things tha don't always work well... hehe... I love this dress, and I love it on her even if it's black! in my opinion it's just another colour...

  5. I really like black on kids! but I also had never heard that there was a rule against it? Eh whatevs, break all the rules!! ;) Anyways, love the fabric and that the blue really shows off the fun bodice- agree on long dresses too! Lily went through a phase where every dress had to be "to the floor" and it drove me crazy. I thought it looked awkward!


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