Pattern Anthology: DIY Mermaid Leggings

By ari - October 01, 2014

Hey guys! Happy October! I'm pretty excited to show you my brand new leggings!

You know I love leggings, I live in leggings, I get excited over leggings, they're my thing! A few weeks ago I was trying to make something cute to wear to go see You Me at Six and I ended up buying several kinds of mermaid scale lycra (yeh bye bye drinking money?). I made myself a skater dress (there'll be a blog post about that eventually) that I ended up not even wearing (it was too pretty. good thing too because i ended up crowdsurfing that night)(I tell ya, once you hit 30 you go wild). ANYWAY, so I had this beautiful blue holographic mermaid fabric in my stash that I hadn't sewn anything with. I knew I wanted to make myself some leggings eventually and when Andrea popped me an email asking if I'd like to sew up her newest pattern: a leggings pattern... well it was a no brainer what I was going to do!

Now see, I have my own leggings pattern, just for me. I've tweaked and adjusted it until it fits my body just right. I have a little bubble butt and my legs are pretty skinny, my waist is always like 2 sizes bigger than my hips, so my pattern is just right for me and my body (and nobody else!). I was excited to try Andrea's pattern though, for Pattern Anthology, just to see how they measured up! And listen: I spend a LOT of money on quality leggings for myself, and while they're amazing I do have fit issues because I'm not a standard size. Size down for my legs and the waistband is too tight, size up for my waist and the legs bag out around my knees. So DIY was always going to be my shining beacon in the quest for epic leggings! And you know? I'm on the Leggings ARE Pants side of the fence, and I want to show you guys that you can rock leggings too, no matter your shape or your size because if you buy some good quality, medium-heavy weight lycra it's probably the sexiest you will ever feel just running the kids to school!

How did the Go To Women's Knit Pants leggings pattern go against my personal 'perfect fit' leggings pattern? Well, you're about to get a whole lot of gratutious butt shots because I'm about to show you the best pattern for leggings short of tracing around yourself!

I sewed up a size M, with an XS in the legs. Andrea gives you a lovely little guide on how to blend between the sizes.

Adequate rise for maximum booty coverage? Check!

The pattern calls for knit fabrics, anything with at least 30% stretch and while I was a little worried because I know that this holographic lycra is not OVERLY stretchy I ploughed ahead anyway because #sewingrebel. They stretched perfectly, they fit so damn well! I made no alterations, although I think I did have the leggings go back to an M at the ankles just in case I couldn't fit my feet into them. Looking at them now, an XS on my ankles would have been totally fine. However I do like the way they sit on my ankles, less skin-tight and more like cigarette leg pants!

The fun thing is that last week we went to a Pirate Day at the local museum, Vin went as a pirate and I zipped up some leggings for Edison out of the same fabric because her and I went as mermaids! (If you watch closely you can see Pirate Vin -green striped shirt & black vest- and Mermaid Eddie and Mermaid Ari in this video!)

And so every time Eddie sees me in these mermaid leggings she keeps asking for hers. They're a size too big on her because we're heading into a scorching summer here, but she still wants them! Cue cute photo op with my mini me!

Anyway, matchy matchy twinning aside, let's talk about this pattern some more! It's not just a leggings pattern, but I highly recommend it as just a leggings pattern! As the name of them suggests, it's actually a knit pants pattern for women in a variety of sizings and combinations! Included is the leggings, cropped lounge pants and straight legged pants. These look great for yoga, working out (ya know like Zumba!) or just to be super comfortable. I think a pair of sweats is in order, but these are CUTE sweats!

Okay so obviously I know a lot of my lovely readers are not going to feel confident wearing a pair of sparkly shimmery holographic mermaid scale leggings. Maybe you just want black. Maybe you want black lace! Maybe you can just do whatever the heck you want to because you can sew and no one gets to tell you what you can wear but yourself. Go wild lovelies, I know you want to!

You can buy the Go To Women's Knit Pants pattern here, but you should go check out the rest of the collection and think about getting the bundle for a super versatile new Spring wardobe - yeh yeh or Fall ;) . I've got the Neptune tee cut out and half sewn already! I'll show that off maybe next week!

Awww I couldn't forget to give you guys an outtake. Hottie Hubby is still trying to work things out here and I'm just like "Baby why are you taking twenty photos of the ground?" 

Compliment your wardrobe with 4 great sewing patterns.

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  2. The Marigold Dress: A button down dress with elastic waist, long or cap sleeve options and even a peplum option.
  3. Go To Knit Pants: 3 styles of knit pants including leggings, straight leg pants and relaxed fit pants options.
  4. McCartney Jacket: A zip up jacket with fun options and lots of style.
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Pattern Anthology presents: 8 Days a Week Pattern Collection -

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  1. I want to be a mermaid too! Love them :)

  2. I am seriously in love with you two mermaids! and you are my leggings idol! I am jumping into several future sewing posts with stretchy pleather and you may have just sold me on this bundle. I was waffling before, but this might do it. <3

  3. You are the hottest Mermaid ever. Gorgeous - and a perfect fit. So damn cute with matching Eddie pants!

  4. Ah you two mermaids are just the best. Never in my life would i wear mermaid leggings but i so love that you do. This is amazing

  5. I love that you made mermaid leggings. I saw this fabric a while back online and I instantly wanted to do this as well. I feel like I can't quite rock them like you. And I ADORE that you have a matching pair for your little one. So cute.

  6. Love these so much, Ari!

    And someday I'm going to find a quick online course for blogger hubbies to learn how to take photos.

  7. Ditto to Trine! If I could look like you in those leggings, I'd be ordering myself 12 yards of mermaid knit right now ;).

  8. Ari, these are awesome! I saw some fabric like this the other day and thought I "needed" it but didn't buy it, I might have to reconsider!


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