Sew Geeky Episode 7: Darth Hipster

By ari - October 25, 2014

Hey guys! Have you been checking out Sew Geeky Weeky? We're actually extending it until the end of the month so that we and our lovely League of Ladies aren't scrambling to get things done. Being Chill is numero uno with our Sew Geeky game!

This month I knew I wanted to do Star Wars, but I didn't want to do costumes (although I'm sure by this time next year my children will be able to dress up as any character from Star Wars that they could ever want to be!) and I knew I wanted to do a style mash-up. I would have loved to have done a post-apoclaptic Batfam but with post-apocalyptic stuff it's all in the details and I knew I wouldn't have enough time. Hopefully in the future!

So one thing led to another and I came up with Hipster Star Wars. I have a slew of characters planned, but Darth Hipster was the quickest and easiest for me to get started on! I sewed up my leggings pattern for her in the biggest size, but it's getting to the point that she is very nearly completely in size 2 everything so it's time to draft up a few more sizes! A few weeks ago I made myself some black pvc leggings, using my pattern, completely forgetting that my pattern has no seam allowances added. They're were crazy skin tight, because pvc doesn't stretch as much as normal lycra so whatever ease I may have had was now super negative because of the lack of seam allowance! I squeezed myself into them, and they looked like I'd spraypainted my legs ahah! So I tossed them to the side, totally annoyed at myself for wasting so much awesome fabric.

But THEN! I was able to reused them for Eddie's Darth Vader leggings! I was worried they might look a little trashy on her, and while being trashy is a fun look for adults, it's so not appropriate for my little wildling. Fortunately I think she looks AWESOME.

Her shirt is a little raglan tee pattern I drafted up for her, I've been using it a lot in various things that haven't seen the light of this blog yet. The sleeves, neck and hem band and the back of the tee are all just black jersey, the front being white so that you can see the graphic!

It says, "Being a Jedi is so 5 years ago" because, you  know, Darth Vader became Sith! I used the Lesley Riley TAP for the transfer which I used to RAVE about but I don't know.. I'm really unimpressed these days. I wasn't going for a vintage feel and I ironed it for AGES, on a table so that's like the hardest surface ever, and it still didn't full transfer from the polymer clay paper onto the shirt. I'm going to start trying to find a different transfer paper I think, if anyone has any reviews or recommendations for something better let me know! I normally only use transfer paper for images, or for things that have lots of words that I do NOT want to freezer paper stencil, but ugh next time I'm just going to go with the stencil because this really irritated me!

Overall I really do love how wearable her outfit is. She is so in love with Darth Vader right now it's sooo cute, so when she saw the shirt she squealed and got so excited! I told her that her leggings are Darth Vader pants and it was all over after that, it was dificult to get her to hold off putting her new outfit on right away! I've learned my lesson, do NOT let your babies wear handmade goodness BEFORE you take photos!

We got the Darth Vader doll just yesterday, as a companion for our Commander Cody one. When we first saw them, Eddie was the same height as them and just had the biggest crush on Commander Cody but when she saw Vader yesterday? Yeh she's an Anakin lover like her mum! She got all heart eyes at him snaked her little arms around his shoulders and cuddled him for ages. Darth Vader's her main man!


Here's some templates you can use! The first on is for a stencil, so like freezer paper, the other one is reversed so great for iron-on transfers. If you click on them they'll get bigger! I'd love to see your stuff if you use these!

Believe it or not there weren't any bloopers, Eddie just rocked this so hard. I'm so proud of her, growing up to be a real good Blogger's Child ahha. I will leave you this, where she was trying to force choke herself....

Head over to the Sew Geeky blog at the end of the month for the full round up or check out our facebook page as our epic League of Ladies roll out their awesomeness! Stay tuned for some more Hipster Star Wars coming your way!

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  1. Adore! Adore! If only you could have made Darth nerd glasses too.

  2. This is AWESOME! I love it...the pants looks great as does the top! I need to find a good transfer paper too! I wanted to do the green lantern oath but who has time to cut that out!?!?!? Good to see Darth getting some love!

  3. I was thinking of you yesterday Ari, I was at spotlight, and they had star wars fabric!

  4. Ahahahaha, Darth Hipster!!!!! Too funny. She is just the cutest and I'm thinking I need this tee for myself because she's awesome and I want to be her twinsie.

  5. I am dying! This is the funniest costume ever! As a sister to hipsters, it cracks me up even more. I will definitely be needing to make that shirt for my boy.

  6. so great! Murphy wants pleather pants too, may have to get on that.

  7. AHH this is just so cool! Those leggings, on baby legs, too much. So cute.


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