The Amelie Cape: Harley Quinn Inspired

By ari - October 10, 2014

I don't know how I stumbled upon the Amelia & Atticus blog, but it was awesome and I was happy and right away I knew I wanted Thouraya as part of our Sew Geeky fun when I saw her Wonder Woman capelets. It was pretty much a love at first site thing! Awesomely enough Thouraya was on board for some Sew Geeky goodness and came to the party with these Soot Sprite & Princess Mononoke dresses!

Now I am super honoured to repay the favour, but I'm not sure how much of a favour it is because this cape is the BOMB. Such a sweet little pattern, easy to sew up and doesn't really use that much fabric at all!

Of course because I'm in geek mode with the Geek Spectacular coming up, I knew I was going to do something superhero-ish. I contemplated a Robin inspired cape, black on the outside, yellow on the inside, but my lack of yellow fabric is becoming crippling to me! (Better get that fixed) Harley was the next choice, and a very easy one to do. Instead of having the main cape on the fold, I sewed a red and a black section together. The lining is one piece like the pattern.

The hood was also sewn like the pattern, except one red and one black was used for the main outer hood. The Amelie Cape pattern gives you several options! A hood, a collar, and also optional ways of fastening it, ie a button or a tie. I chose to use both the collar AND the hood, sandwiching the sweet collar between the cape and the hood and then sewing it as instructed.

It's fastened with a loop and a big black button. The lining for the cape is some black & red checked drill from Spotlight that has been haunting my stash for a very long time. I have made SO MANY things from this when I was first sewing, it was like my most favourite fabric ever. Partly punk, partly ska? I loved it. Now it just makes me laugh a little because it's just checks really. Perfect for a Harley Quinn inspired piece though!

This pattern comes in two sizes, 1-3years and 2-6 years. I sewed up the 1-3 years size for Eddie, and it's just so, SO cute. This is going to last her a really long time, because even when her head outgrows the hood it will be a super cute little capelet even as she grows!


She got distracted halfway through taking photos to go hang with her boyfriend Percy

You can buy the Amelie Cape right here on Etsy! It's a super simple pattern to cut and sew up, I made this one in an evening! Check out the other girls who've made really adorable capelets on the Amelie & Atticus blog here (especially check out this post for my girl Rae Gun's cool Bat Girl cape which totally works with this Harley one!)

Guys check out that artwork. Thouraya did THAT. It's on the cover of the pattern and it's uh-mazing!

Oh an this little session was sooo full of le derp! Here are my favourites:

Her shirt is a hand me down, her leggings are resized Burned Velvet legs from Black Milk Clothing 

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  1. Whoopsie Dasie! She's just the cutest Harley Quinn ever :D So awseome! I'm obsessed with her current comic series :D

  2. oh my goodness, this is the bestest cutest ever ever ever! Must make all the Supers into capes

  3. I have never worn a cape. I have never put my kid in a cape. Now I feel like I NEED to make my kid a cape, at the very least.

  4. I love this cape! Is it possible to get this in adult size?


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