Monday, 15 December 2014

Sew Fab: Norah Nightie and panties - BATMANIFYED

 Sorry, the word panties always makes me laugh. I don't know why, I just can't ever take anything seriously if the term panties is involved. So I'll be calling them knickers, which will probably make YOU laugh.

Anyway! For me second part of sewing some rad stuff from the Sew Fab Pattern Sale, I decided that the Norah Nightgown and Panties was definitely on the todo list. I'm a sucker for handmade underwear, since I've been sewing Eddie up a hoard of little knickers (yeh man! the girl is toilet trained already!). The pattern is by Greenstyle Creations, which I was vaguely aware of but super excited to try out. I was very impressed with the pattern and the instructions! I thought it would be a little tricky, totally wasn't. The only tricky part was when my overlocker decided to chuck a fit while sewing the knickers.

 I sewed it up using a t-shirt dress i bought off ebay that was always too tight and too short for me. It's basically a Lazy Oaf knockoff, which annoys me because knock offs are not okay in my book! However the fabric was cool and I never wore it so I hacked it up into a cute nightie and boy-leg shorts set!

I wish I could show you what it looks like on, completely. Those undies make my ass look so fine, but there really is no tasteful way to show you my rear end on the internet, so instead you're going to get a flatlay and you can use your imagination. Instead of making the undies from one fabric, I colour blocked it. The pattern is for boy-shorts and a 'thong' (LOL I AM SORRY! I'm like 15 sometimes. In Australian, thongs are for our feet aka what Americans call flip-flops, so to me, what you guys call a thong i call a g-string)(I never thought I'd be having this conversation on my blog ever.) ANYWAY, the boy-shorts have a seam up the front and back, leaving the sides seam free which is kinda cool.

Most of you would make this sexy, and while I can do sexy i really didn't want to. I wanted to do practical, I wanted to do me, aka geekify all the things.

You cannot get this pattern elsewhere at the moment, it's not going to be released until after the sale, so you should probably go get it now and get a head start because this little cute pattern is definitely going in my "most often used" pattern box! 

There's only a few hours left (18 hours at the time of this posting!) to go get your Sew Fab bundle before it's gone foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever. Check out the facebook page for other people's stitchings!

Please go check out my friend Kelly's nightie and undies because she did a REALLY fantastic and tasteful job and I think she deserves a lot of page hits and comment love!!


Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sew Fab: Jersey Glam Dress

Evening! In line with my new resolve to start kicking ass again, I've sewn up a sparkly new dress from this season's Sew Fab Pattern Sale! It's previously an unreleased pattern, designed by the very classy Kelly of Sewing in No Mans Land. I've followed her blog since she was even a blog and it's been mind-blowing seeing how talented she is (and watching her blog evolve!). I didn't even have a daughter at the time but I was still a fan! 

So of course, being the classy girl I am (lol), I decided I really did want to sew up this dress. When I asked my girls which things i should sew, my Kat said immediately "the bling dress!" I had a hard time finding any sort of knit fabric locally that I even liked, and while I did have a beautiful amount of organic jersey from Imagine Gnats I decided on sparkly rainbow lurex!

It's a blinged out t-shirt dress, but it's fantastic for beginner seamstresses, as it sews up so simply and the instructions are incredibly good to follow! Don't be freaked out by the size chart as I was. I was too big for even the biggest size, but I was informed that Kelly is currently grading larger sizes and they will be available to everyone who buys the pattern! Phew, crisis averted. I really do have a hard time finding patterns to fit my shape, babies do make you have a strange shape, and my thick waist and bubble butt never do me any favours when trying to sew a straight size! HOWEVER. Here's the thing with this pattern. I size it up a size for myself, and then ended up having to take it all in at the sideseams anyway because for ME and MY body shape, having a baggy-ish sort of dress was not going to do me any favours.

As it is, the waist tie accentuates my absolute lack of any sort of waist but i don't really mind because I felt pretty and sparkly in this dress and isn't that point really? As long as I feel good, right!

Fun fact, I had a hard time deciding which was the inside and outside of the fabric. I chose wrong, so very wrong, but the side that I decided was the right side was far more fun! Also this fabric is totally see-through! YAY! I was going to line it while sewing but decided to just wear a black petticoat of sorts underneath instead. I dig it.

The Jersey Glam Dress sewed up very easily and fast, even with my printer throwing me curveballs and deciding to print the first few pages about 4 times and then running out of ink for the last few pages.

It's an adventure!

Get amongst it!

Oh you can't see I the photos, but I totally wore my docs with this dress instead of something pretty and classy. Because that's how I roll. No seriously, one day I'll dress up super pretty and have my hair done and wear heels and ya'll be like WHO IS THIS? I do sometimes dress up, I just don't blog about it ahah. I mean, I have a reputation to protect ;)

You can check out all the patterns and buy it over here at The Southern Institute. You can also enter to win over $200 worth of goodies!

See that sexy little number on the bottom right? Prepare yo'selves for a less sexy, more crime-fighting version tomorrow!


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Stray Cat Strut: Lil Luxe Collection Holiday tour + Giveaway + Coupon Code!

Hey guys! So I'm lucky enough to be on the Lil Luxe Collection's holiday tour this 'winter'. Which, you know, for us Southern Hemi's is a super hot summer! The pattern I sewed up for Eddie is the very awesome Alley Cat Romper, which I'm sure the majority of you have had your eyes on for a while (scroll down for an awesome deal to score yourself one!) and if you haven't... well you're welcome!

I sewed this up in a size 2, even though little weird and wild and wonderful Edison isn't really a size 2 yet. She's so short you guys! Precious babe. The pattern is crazy easy to make! I haven't sewn anything proper in about 2 months? I felt a bit rusty, a bit anxious and I even questioned my skills. That was kinda dumb though, because this little baby sewed up in about an hour and a half including piecing the pattern and cutting out the fabric!

The bodice was a little tricky to sew for my tired little brain, but with both the illustrations and the photos of the steps and you know, READING THE INSTRUCTIONS (n important step when sewing, lol) it came together a lot easier! There are no closures in this pattern, the bodice is fully lined and the crotch is dropped so it's roomy and trendy and just damn cool!

I haven't tried it yet, but I'm wondering if I can get away with using a woven fabric for this. Or the bodice at least. #SewingRebel! And pockets! You know that pockets need to go everywhere all of the time. Poor little Vin wanted me to make a romper for him. I'm pretty tempted... Eliminate the volume at the waist, change the neckline slightly. I don't know, we'll see. I feel as if he gave me a sewing challenge and if the dude can ask for and then rock pink teddy pants and leggings then I'm pretty sure he can do this!

So as you can see, the romper is a bit too long for Eddie-plops, and baggier than the pattern styles it, however I think it's pretty rad, and the dropped crotch means that little shorty here has loads of room to grow. Up. Maybe?

The fabric is a super slinky knit from Spotlight. Yeh after I banned myself from there for almost two years for being super unsatisfied with their service I've been back. and I've been pleasantly surprised. It's still chaos there, but the staff are lovely and some of them (lol) sew which is GREAT because one of my biggest problems was that they didn't seem to have a clue about what was in their own store. Anyway, the fabric selection there is great, not perfect, but good enough so you may go forth and shop there again with my blessing ;) (i'm kidding)

Oh yeh also there is a tutorial for turning this baby into a DRESS. Hmmm Eddie you're probably going to get a few of these! Maybe shortened into a tunic too? Check out the link because there's a bubble skirt, hi-lo hem and uh... a leotard!!! YEH!

Check out Jess' blog because in August she did an Alley Cat Romper tour and there is SO MUCH INSPIRATION there. it's so exciting. When I was choosing fabric for this one (if you check out my instagram you'll see that Eddie chose it for me actually) I kept pulling out various fun scraps and imagining cool bodices in it. So, yeh, probably will see some of these on my bebe and her friends this summer!
Yeh dudes, that's an undercut ;)

You can also get Buy One Get One 60% off at the Lil Luxe Collection pattern shop when you use the code: BOGO60. The tour goes for two weeks, and on the Friday of each week Jess will be having another giveaway. To enter, just tag @jessbluxe on Instagram on anything you have made from the Lil Luxe Collection and you can win two patterns of your choice from her shop! \o/

Want to win some amazing fabric? Enter the giveaway below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out all the other lovely ladies on the tour!
Blog Tour schedule:
Monday, Dec. 1 - Rouche & Division Top

Wednesday, Dec. 3 - Peek A Boo Hoodie

Thursday, Dec. 4 - Alley Cat Romper

Friday, Dec. 5 - Reversible Crop Top & Dress

Monday, Dec. 8 - Modern Belle Dress

Tuesday, Dec. 9 - Socialite Peplum and Dress

Wednesday, Dec. 10 - Two Haute Shorts

Thursday, Dec. 11 - Starlight City Dress