Alley Cat: Romper to Dress

By ari - January 06, 2015

Good afternoon! Yesterday I got the updated Alley Cat pattern in my inbox so iinsteadof napping I cut out three different variations! The update includes a new sleeve pattern, which I am using in a pretty coral & floral version you'll seen soon!

I'd toyed with the idea of making this out of woven instead of the recommended stretchknit because when have I ever been one to follow rules? Well there's a reason, because woven doesn't stretch ;) HOWEVER, after seeing a beautiful version in the testing group I really had to give it a go. Unfortunately I didn't use my brain to its full potential (lol like I ever) and I really REALLY should have sized up. WORD TO THE WISE: You CAN sew this pattern up in woven fabric, just go up one size!

I stitched up the size 2 for Eddie, taking the curve out of the front bodice and making it just a straight line. I did the same for the bottom of the romper, you can see an excellent tutorial here that Jess has written for converting the romper to SEVERAL types of dresses! While the size 2 romper was a bit on the large side for her, making it in woven is quite a snug fit!

Also, here's another WORD TO THE WISE: Add seam allowance to the back omg. Seriously. I went to bed after cutting it out and sewing the shoulders wrong about 4 times. That's not exaggerating, I just couldn't get it together but fortunately today I was much smarter (sort of). HOWEVER, since the back is usually on a fold, you really do need to add seam allowance for the zip. That's probably my entire problem right there in a nutshell.

Can we not look at that dumb zip too? Nice from far, but far from nice! Eddie busted the zip with her she-hulk strength when we headed to the playground after. I don't blame the zip though, I mean it was an old plastic one and it was straining to keep Eddie inside the dress.

Despite my issues, which are obviously MY issues and not the pattern!, I really love this dress! I love the fabric, it's a cotton duck, and I love the scoop at the back. I love the little gathered skirt and I love my little girl.

 So take my crib notes, sew one of these up for yourself, and ADD THE SEAM ALLOWANCE OMG.

Fortunately Eddie has a much more petite cousin that is about to get a brand new dress ;)

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  1. Too bad that it's to small. She looks darling in it!

  2. That fabric!! Amazing! I'm so glad you got such good photos because even though it's too tight, it is truly ADORABLE!


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