T-Shirt Surgery: Bob-Omb Dress

By ari - January 07, 2015

Woah it has been a really long time since I did some good ol-fashioned t-shirt surgery! It's so strange since that was where i first started to really pick up sewing when I was a teenager. The other day I grabbed some tees from my stash and made a handful of little dresses for Eddie from a raglan t-shirt pattern that I drafted myself.

You can find plenty of tutorials for making raglan-sleeve t-shirt patterns on the internet, and I promise it isn't as difficult as you would think!

If you'd like to try and draft your own, check out some of these tutorials:

If you'd like an existing raglan-sleeve t-shirt pattern, check out these free versions:

If you'd prefer a paid-for pattern, you can find some here:

I used three shirts for this. An adults Super Mario Bros shirt featuring a Bob-Omb! (Which always makes me think of this band :,) ) which I'm pretty sure came from JayJays originally but I picked it up at the op shop for a few buck. The yellow and the green are scraps of other t-shirts. I don't know wh but red, yellow & green knit fabric are as rare as hens teeth in my fabric stash, I scavenge for every little bit that I need. I should invest in a bolt of each! Because I mean, think of all those Robin tees I could be making *-*

It's just a basic raglan-sleeved t-shirt, the skirt being two rectangles, one taller than the other. I didn't gather it properly, just tucked rando chunks of fabric to guerrilla-pleat it! The top tier of the skirt has the hem of the original shirt, the bottom tier I just overlocked and left it.

I showed her the dress and she was pretty excited to put it on, which makes me so happy because sewing for the boy now isn't as -free- as it used to be (everything must pass his skinny-leg test, even if they are shorts. He hates pants, only wants shorts, hates long-sleeves, only wants short sleeves)(my only saving grace is to add a nifty feature to it and he'll contemplate wearing it!). I told her that there was a bob-omb on the front, to which she replied, "I LUV BOB-OMBS!" Which made me giggle because she has no idea what they are ^_^

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  1. Oh dear goodness look at those curls! <3 I love the dress, glad I'm not the only one keeping all the crazy little scraps of the best t-shirts lol


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