Aviator Pants aka I want a pair!

By ari - February 15, 2015

I've had the Aviator Pants by Winterwear Designs for a really long time, but never had the time to stitch them up. Oh man, I don't know what is WRONG with me because these are the cutest, most comfy-looking pants I've ever stitched up. Now the little guy is super fussy with his clothes, which makes him lucky that I can sew and custom fit stuff for him; he's obsessed with skinny jeans and leggings, so I wasn't sure if he'd be the least bit keen on wearing these however the dude's verdict? "These will be perfect for New Zealand!" (We went to New Zealand one winter when he was younger, so now Winter is synonymous with New Zealand, heehee)

This pattern is for beginners, it's not too difficult although if you've made pants before or sewn clothes before it would be an advantage. Each step is illustrated and the instructions are simplified and shouldn't cause you too much trouble. I did have problems with the triangles at the ankles, but this was my personal fault because it had been a very long, long weekend :,) I'm not sure when I will learn from experience and sew projects I've never attempted before with a nice fresh mind!

  These pants feature cool contrast triangles at the ankles, soft knit cuffs and an elasticated knit waistband too. They have back welt pockets (not as scary as you might think, trust me on this one!) front pockets and cargo pockets although I am not a fan of cargo pockets ever so I didn't add them to these pants. I've seen other aviators with the pockets and they do look pretty rad AND the boy is  big fan of 'lego' pockets so who knows, i'll probably cave next pair. The instructions for the cargo pockets were VERY detailed so I'm 100% sure I won't have any trouble with them!

They're basically glorified sweatpants, which is so rad because... I mean LOOK at them. I'm so glad that Suzanne made a women's pattern available for these because I'm crossing my fingers and hoping like hell that I have enough of this blue knit to make myself a pair! Do you think Vin will be embarrassed we have matching pants?

I sewed up a standard size 5 for the dude, he's pretty average when it comes to his size for his age which is convenient (let's not get started on his short round sister), and they fit beautifully on him. They're not overly baggy, which he likes.

The pattern is available in sizes 18months (yay a pair for little sister!) all the way up to 14 years. I remember when Suzanne released them I was looking skeptically at the size chart and wondering if I could squeeze into the size 14. I couldn't. It was a fun moment to pretend like I could though.

There's not an obscene amount of pages to print out, which is awesome, and the measurements for the waistband, cargo pocket, welt pocket bag and cuffs are in the instructions (and on the pattern pieces) so you're not printing out useless rectangles. I personally don't mind either way when designers give you the measurements or give you actual pattern pieces, but when you're running low on printer ink and pay day is a week away and you want to make the pants NOW it's a virtual lifesaver.

It didn't take me too long to sew them up. I cut them out and constructed the front pockets in an evening (an evening where my brain wasn't switched on) and then sewed the rest up in about an hour and a half the next morning. I'm really satisfied and pleased with the result, and will definitely be sewing them up again (I already have a floral pair cut out for little sister Eddie).

Highly recommend these as a good base pattern for any pants and shorts you will need to make your little dudes in the future! You can keep them basic, or embellish the heck out of them. I really wish I had black knit in my stash because that will be my next pair for the guy.

I also made his singlet from a t-shirt that used to be mine. He loves it :,) It's probably slightly inappropriate...

Have an awesome day!

look at that cheeky little face omg. he's so cute and his teeth are so tiny

Oh hey you might be wondering what that Pattern Revolution watermark is doing on the title photo? Or did you miss it? Yeh go scroll up and check again, I'll wait here for you!

You back? Okay good. So here's the thing. 2015 is my year of taking leaps of faith again and just learning how to focusing (also watch me conquer my ADD! that's on the list!) and so when I saw the auditions for Pattern Revolution reviewers I was like "imma do it" even though I was really like "lol they would NOT want me because I am wild and they're all relatively well-behaved" so anyway I sent in my audition and totally talked myself up and sold myself (I actually think I did a REALLY good job of that) since I've not had a proper job interview in like... seven years? So somehow that worked and then I got put into this secret group on facebook where we all had to review a pattern and basically like do a mock trial of what we'd be doing on Pattern Rev. So I'm not a pro photographer clearly (another thing to learn this year! watch me get better!) so I was like "yeh here we go. i'm a tree that's about to slowly fall" because the competition was pretty fierce I have to say.

And well. I guess you probably figured it out. This was my trial post and they liked me and chose me and I'm the 7th because I am Australian and found out after everyone else hah. (I'm a little slow). SO you'll be seeing me do some cool stuff over on Pattern Revolution! I'm going to rock your ruffles!

OH and I made his shirt. I resized it from a shirt I used to wear but he really needed something to go with these pants so I cut it up and made him this rad singlet. I actually want to make him like 10 more of these. It reminds me of these bad boys.

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