Dressage Leggings for a Boy

By ari - February 24, 2015

Dudes. I got the choice to review the Haven Acres mini collection (something I have been stalking and obsessing about since I realised it was even going to become a thing) by Jennuine Design for either my blog or as my debut post on Pattern Revolution.

In the wise words of those guys from El Dorado...

So this week just past I sewed up quite a few Dressage Leggings, and some little Sweet Pea Caps, and a Haven Acres blouse (which is over on PR). I really wanted to sew some of the stuff up for Vin, namely the Dressage Leggings and the Sweet Pea Cap. This whole collection had me excited, especially if you google Haven Acres Mini Collection like i kept doing (i told you, obsessed) and kept seeing things like this, this and this!? I don't even like horses, like at all, but this? THIS I LIKE!

The Dressage Leggings comes with this riding-inspired leggings where you can do some excellent colour blocking or mix up some contrast fabrics, but it also comes with a basic leggings pattern as well. I really love that idea, because while I have several leggings patterns I didn't have any printed out for vin in his size (and the dude loves and rocks leggings like no other!). The fit on these is 10 out of 10. I didn't even realise that I could get his little booty into anything that fit any better until these bad boys! I sewed up the size 5 for him, with a size 4 waistband and he

Finally I invested in a couple of meters of good quality black stretchknit, I find it hard to spend money on basic fabrics but lets be real, I use black solids more than any other colour so it's time to just man up to it. It's four way stretch, which is perfect, and it's quite sturdy which totally counterbalanced the slinky slippery stretch that I used for the contrast panels. If you remember I used the same fabric for Eddie's first Alley Cat Romper here. It's so lightweight and soft. Also I think the flag print really is cool too!

The little guy does yoga now. He has this incredible balance and it's definitely something he needed mentally. He's always so mellow after his classes, it's fantastic!

I wasn't sure if he'd dig the pony ears on the Sweet Pea Cap so I jived it up just a little. I made them skinnier and longer and turned them into BAT EARS. However I really should have interfaced them because they just flop around. He really doesn't mind though, he loves it! I really love that tiny little brim, so cute!

I also made the complete Haven Acres mini collection for Edison, you can check out my brief review of the patterns over on Pattern Revolution. You can grab each pattern individually in Jenn's shop, or the all three as a little bundle for a lower price than buying them individually.

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  1. Me encantan los niños con leggings. Al mío le hice unos pensando en una actividad extraescolar y ahora los usa casi a diario ;-)

  2. Love love love these!!! And I giggled a bit over the video clip : )

  3. These are all so awesome! Can't wait to read the review on Pattern Revolution!


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