Frozen Knot Dress

By ari - March 12, 2015

I remember when I found out I was having a girl I just went crazy, pinning and planning a million little dresses but then when I actually did start sewing for her I think I made her like one dress and then I had more fun sewing her tiny tees and leggings... I can't girl! haha

The Knot Dress was one of the first dresses I found, I can't remember if I bought it in a bundle or something but I do know that I've had it for a while and was waiting and waiting for Eddie to get big enough to sew it. Well she's sort of a size 2, but she's not big enough to fill this dress completely. Which is fine and she doesn't really care a whole lot because HELLO. Frozen fabric! And it's purple which is just as good as pink in her books!

Project Run & Play are having a super cute sew along right now and the Knot Dress was the chosen dress for the month. Good as incentive as any, right? Also it's free now!

One of Eddie's besties happens to be the little sister of Vincent's bestie (aka his proclaimed life partner, lol), and she has a very talented sewing grandmother who sewed her up a pretty blue dress from Frozen fabric. Eddie watched Isla twirl a little then turned to me and asked, "Mummy I want a Frozen Dess pease."

It was the first time she's actually ever asked me to sew her something, so of course I'm going to oblige! She'd picked out some Frozen fabric a little while ago, and while it's not my favourite fabric ever I still sewed it up. Here's the thing, I'll sew up Star Wars and Batman licensed fabric for Vin dawg, easy. But I don't just grab ANY Star Wars or Batman fabric, I actually grab prints that i like (although it;s not difficult since I genuinely love those two fandoms!) Sometimes I don't like a Star Wars print, so I dont buy it. I'm trying to say that I don't just grab stuff because it's Star Wars! So I was looking at this fabric going, would I love it more if it was Darth Vader and Stormie heads instead of Anna and Olaf? Answer is, probably not. I don't like the colour and I don't like the swirly stuff going on, but regardless, my daughter LOVES it. So that's what I have to do now, learn to suck it up and sew things she will love to wear!

I had this lilac brushed cotton in my stash for a while. I'm sure I got it from the op shop or in a big bag of fabric given to me. I kept it because I thought it would be cute pyjamas but it was the perfect amount and the perfect colour to make a simple gathered skirt to add to the Knot dress bodice. I didn't follow the instructions for the skirt, just cut a huge big rectangle of fabric, hemmed it then gathered it to the bodice. I fear no gathers now.

I couldn't really get a clear shot of the back because miss just wanted to go play outside, but it does just look like her entire back is knots and ties. I'm 100% sure it will sit much better on her when she gets a big chunkier because she is definitely too small for this dress. Still good for twirling!

You can grab the pattern for Free over here at the Sewing Rabbit. The sizes range from 2 (pictured here on Eddie) to size 6. Oh wow and looking on Jess's post for the Knot Dress I see there is a free doll pattern too ;) YES, as well as sewing girl things I have been sewing some clothes for her dolls! I need to start taking photos and blogging about those too because i'm 100% sure you'll love them. Eddie's dolls aren't like other dolls (yes they are actual dolls, no they are not like little stormtroopers or something).

 Yes look at her little legs. I've been photoshopping them for the last few Pattern Revolution posts because they're just so ouchy looking. She's the only one in the family getting eaten alive by mosquitos but they are on the mend because we have Aloe Vera and I've told her if she stops scratching them she'll have Princess Ballerina Legs. So far she has Princess Ballerina knees.

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  1. A lovely knot dress, and I agree on de frozen fabric. I have seen many and I want to love them but somehow it is missing something, or it has something too much, I can't decide.

  2. I love it, and I love that you sew what she wants. I always let my kids help design what I make them. Because who wants to spend hours making something they won't wear?

  3. Such a charming little dress.I'm glad she likes it. It's so cute on her!

  4. Teehee! It's pretty darn cute. You're a good mama for indulging her frozen obsession. I know what you mean about it being easier to do that with boys/star wars/lego/whatever versus the whole princess thing, but those little girlies like what they like too, despite us! ;)

  5. Awwww, what a cutie! And I can totally relate to sewing up things she likes in colors/patterns/etc I don't really care for! It's not as much FUN!

  6. Doesn't every girl want to be a princess? Your daughter looks darling in her special outfit. I like her headband too.
    Deborah @ Sew Much To Give

  7. I love that you made this in Frozen fabric :) :) :). Its a whole new world on Max California :) :) :). THE PRINCESSES ARE TAKING OVER!!!

  8. I just found your blog today and you make lovely things! My youngest has the same problem with mosquitoes. I had been using fairy tales detangling spray on her hair (preschool lice scare grossed me out) and accidentally got her arms one evening. No bites. Sprayed her down completely the next day and no bites on her legs either. Maybe something like that would help your girl.


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