it is pink and it is a dress

By ari - March 12, 2015

We have a winner. Maybe it was because I actually tried this time. When the review call came for this dress I was like, "okay, this is perfect. it's ruffley. it's a dress. what could go wrong!"

Well nothing went wrong, per se,  it sews up like a dream, but for a girl who has never sewn more than about four metres of ruffles it was a special sort of ruffle adventure for me. It's freaking beautiful though. Like even though it was a huge learning curve in gathering a bijillion metres of fabric of TULLE (yeh ever tried pinning tulle?) the look on that little tot's face when I showed it to her. The sound of her happy little gasp from those beautiful little lips as she clutched her hands together like a princess (I swear it just comes naturally to her now).

I had to take it off her so she could eat her soup for dinner but then she wanted it back on so she could go pick flowers for herself. Seriously.

Check out my review over on Pattern Revolution!

PS. It's the Clementine Dress by My Little Plumcake. I've sewn a MLP pattern before right here for Vince!

we haven't had a derp in a while so meet Bellamy Bacon, puppy derp!

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