It's not pink nor a dress...

By ari - March 05, 2015

Eep. Edison still loves Star Wars, she still has a crush on Darth Vader and she still fills her pockets with rocks.

One thing has changed though, and that's her little miss independent sense of style. I went through it with her brother, I still am, and you know the story. He'll only wear pants if they're skinny and tight. Or leggings. Miss Eddie? It has to be a pretty dress. Or Pink. Sometimes Purple. But she legit will not put something on without a fight if it's none of the above.

Guess how many pink pretty dresses she owns?


I mean it's not like I never bought her any! I didn't deprive my child of a princess ballerina wardrobe but she has more sneakers than pretty ballet flats, and since she grew two inches suddenly this year all her pretty dresses are super inappropriate to wear without leggings. Oh and those leggings? They're like capris now.

Vincent NEVER grew this rapidly. He's just slow and steady and it's pretty rad (watch me eat my words when he shoots up in a few months). Eddie was my Short Round. Her younger cousins are taller than her, her friends are taller than her, our four month old puppy is taller than her. Everyone on the planet is taller than her.

She's still short but the girl has legs for days and I've found myself plunged into Frozen fabric and pretty dresses I never in a million years thought I would ever ever sew. It's not something I am UNWILLING to do, it's just something I am not familiar or confident with. I guess it's how some people view boy sewing!

Either way, when I sewed up this shirt for my review on Pattern Revolution she instantly dissed it. I mean hello, it is neither pink nor a dress. THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU MUM? Head on over to find out how I changed her mind!

Oh and this seems to be a thing now when taking photos...

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