Oranges Clementine Dress

By ari - May 30, 2015

When I made the ruffliest ruffled dress in the world, ever, for Eddie, I made a less ruffly version as well. The Clementine Dress comes in three different versions so you can do something nice and simple or something very frou-frou. For the second dress I made it in the simplest version.

I used this cute orange and grey striped stretch for the bodice, which is almost like a lycra but not as dense. I've had it for a very long time, it's not like I sew a lot of things out of orange and since it's not really a jersey fabric it is hard to find suitable things to sew it up with. It worked perfectly for this pattern! The skirt part of the pattern is sewn up in woven fabric, and I chose this cute cotton poplin I bought from Spotlight on a whim, it's blue with little oranges all over it.

When I made this dress for Eddie she refused flat out to wear it. She already had her beautiful pink and rainbow twirly princess dress that she was completely in love with, and this wasn't pink and not nearly as twirly (even though it's from the same pattern!). One day she was being a little disobedient and throwing tantrums so I told her she couldn't wear her princess dress because she wasn't acting like a princess. I grabbed the nearest thing I could find and threw it on her because I couldn't take her to pick up Vin from school without any clothes on and I slipped her in this dress. It got a bit of a reputation with my mama friends as the Punishment Dress, the dress she had to wear when she was being naughty. Which is hilarious because of course it was just one time and it certainly wasn't chosen to be the punishment dress haah.

It's got a better reputation now, she enjoys wearing it and I really love the colours on her!

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  1. Oh my gosh, adorable - and the dress is cute too!

  2. oh man shes a cutie! I funnily enough just bought this oranges fabric the other day. I haven't decided what it will become yet, but probably a handbag and some headbands. I love Eddie's curls!

  3. Great combination of fabrics and a super cute little dress.


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