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By ari - May 19, 2015

Hi friends!

You know how you see patterns made up all over the blogosphere but you don't know for sure if it's a pattern you'd ever sew up yourself, or if you would even make it more than once? I don't know about you, but I love patterns that I will sew over and over, and you're probably sick of all the same things here that I keep sewing but COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY because there are approximately 200 more of the same things that I've never photographed and blogged about :,)

So when Laura of Titchy Threads (patterns) and Craftstorming (her blog) asked me if I wanted in on her fun Twisted Tuesdays series, I was so in! I'm a huge fan of her work; her patterns are so professional and she was the first to use layered sizes. The instructions are always clear and my finished garments from her patterns are probably the most professional-looking pieces I have sewn. However I was a bit hesitant with the Twisted Trousers pattern, only because I wasn't sure if I could sew up something that I would like and that my soon would actually wear. I thought the twisted seamlines were pretty amazing, and when I saw the watermelon pants that Laura sewed up I knew I was starting to fall in love with this pattern!

 I bought this bedspread a few weeks ago from the op-shop. It was $4 and was handmade, backed in calico and I thought it looked pretty amazingly vintage. It wouldn't eb the first time I've bought bedding at the op-shop with every intention of cutting it up and then changing my mind and keeping it as is (Vin has a Snoopy, Star Wars and also little blue houses doona covers that survived my ideas about giving them new life as clothing and just stayed as is!)

The fabric is called "parrotphenalia" which is fun, and it's a very heavy fabric. I knew I wanted to make pants out of it and when I printed out my Twisted Trousers pattern the parrots pretty much squawked at me to sew them up! And so I did!

Every step of the pattern has you sewing like you're a legit seamstress! Haha, it's true though. I usually love to whip up shorts and shirts that take minimal effort but when it comes to Titchy Thread Patterns I really appreciate the care and the time and the extra steps to take to turn out an amazing garment!

 There are several options available with these pants, including a reversible option! Since my fabric was so busy, I did go ahead and follow the instructions for adding piping and I'm really glad I did. I chose a fluro orange heavyweight cotton that I also scored at the op-shop (I just realised Vincent's Sega shirt was also a men's shirt from the op-shop that I resized for him for Sew Geeky!). I bought a roll of piping cord off eBay a few months ago and it's really handy to have just stashed away because it means i can make piping whenever I want. And I do want!

The more I look at these pants the more I love them holy crap. I sewed these up in a straight size 5 for Vincent, which was a bit risky because although I have the majority of his measurements (have you measured your kids recently? Do it!) I wasn't entirely sure I'd have the length right. He turned SIX YEARS OLD last thursday and I've noticed that a lot of his clothes aren't fitting him so well anymore. He's still a little shawty, the youngest and the smallest in his class, but I've realised I still had size 3 and 4 shirts in his drawer that he could wear ahha. I shouldn't have doubted myself though, because as usual, Laura's pattern was a perfect fit on my little dude!

I had every intention of sewing up the Twisted Tank instead of the pants, but it's COLD here, so there was no way that sewing a shirt for him was going to get much use until the summer, in which he might have grown out of it by then! I was going to see if I could do a Rowan Tee/Twisted Tank mash-up with the sleeves from the Rowan on the Twisted Tank?

The waistband on the Twisted Trousers is my favourite kind right now: a comfortable knit waistband with elastic inside it. I really love the diagonal belt loop at the back too, I'll probably do that for all Vin's pants now really!

I've literally just finished printing a size 2 because there's a little miss in the family who is in need of some pants for winter! Somehow I have to make these Princess Pants...

Have you ever sewn up a pattern you weren't completely 100% on and then been pleasantly surprised? I really should know better by now, especially when it comes to a Titchy Threads pattern!

The awesome wall Vincent is standing in front of is one of the amazing murals painted in my city! You'll notice that over the past year there's been some awesome walls as backdrops for my kids, and over the weekend there were 61 artists participating in the second First Coat festival! This one was done by Kyle Jenkins. So excited to show off more of the amazing art we have here!

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  1. These trousers are soo good. What a fantastic print, the piping, the twist! Love them!

  2. I love these pants so much! The fabric is to die for and the photos are awesome.

  3. I couldn't love this more! That fabric is amazing, I'm still laughing at the name of it. Vinnie is rocking those trousers and that wall is just perfect for the photos. I'm so happy you joined the tour today.

  4. I am glad you heard the parrots squawk! because these pants are awesome!!

  5. These pants are so ridiculously awesome!!!

  6. I agree with Kat! so awesome!

  7. Such a fun pair of pants!!! Love them. And the piping - the perfect way to finish them off.

  8. These pants are amazing, I love the fabric!! Your little man is looking super cool. :)

  9. I've featured your fab trousers this week.


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