Pom Pom Puppet Sleeves

By ari - June 21, 2015

Super stoked to be able to show you the pics of the tester dress I sewed up for Titchy Threads' latest offering, the Safari Raglan! Out of all the patterns I own, I didn't actually have a raglan-sleeved shirt. I had a few self-drafted ones but I was excited to volunteer to test this particular one because (as mentioned in my previous post!) I really enjoy sewing up Titchy Threads patterns and also the options to sew it as a tee, a dress, and with the puppet sleeves was wayyyy too enticing!

You're looking at the Safari Raglan, by Titchy Threads. It's a tee pattern with raglan sleeves but there is also the option to have it as a dress that hits just above the knee on little girls and with short/long/puppet sleeve options its definitely going in my pile of patterns I love to sew over and over! I sewed up the Safari Raglan as a dress for Eddie and did the puppet sleeves!

It is not a complex sew at all, especially if you have sewn raglan-sleeves before (I've been sewing them since I was a teenager and I only knew them as baseball-shirts), and the most time spent on it would be thinking up all the different ways you could embellish the puppet sleeves! I just used what I had on hand to create the puppet faces. Pom-Poms for noses (zig-zag stitched on firmly), buttons for eyes and then I added little triangular ears. I'm not entirely sure what these animals are supposed to be, maybe some bear-cat thing? Eddie thinks that one is a kitty and one is a bear so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

She kept making them kiss

As we are gearing up into Winter here (it took so long to get to Autumn here the weather sort of forgot what it was meant to be doing and flung itself too far and straight into Winter), I've been sorting all the kids winter things out and realising that they have WAYYY too many clothes. Or you know, maybe I should just buy them bigger drawers? Most of it is an assortment of handmade and secondhand because my other skill is pro-op-shopper. Eddie's little pink dunlops here? $1. I bought about 4m of the green spotted fabric her dress is made from for about $6 for the whole bundle and the purple was also an op-shop score that I have metres and metres of (you'll probably recognise it here lol) because most of my fabrics these days are secondhand!

When I first sewed this dress up the ribbing I used was WAY too stretchy and the recovery was pretty bad (that means it doesn't hold it's shape and spring back after being stretched) so the neckline was really wide and didn't look so great. Thanks to Laura's suggestion I switched out the neckbands and used the hot pink from an old t-shirt and as you can see it's a great fit!

Pretty stoked with how this pattern turned out, and the overall fit of it on my little plumpkin! She's short for her age (she goes to Family daycare once a week and she's the oldest by about a year and a half and the shortest!) but I sewed up the 18month size for her with the 2T length (as suggested by Laura) and I'm pretty impressed with how perfect it is on Eddie! This would be a great pattern to reconstruct old t-shirts with!

There's a SALE on over at Titchy Threads, so go and stock up on any patterns of hers you don't have yet!

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  1. This is so cute on her! I love that you used pompoms for the noses (for some reason I assumed they were dogs).

  2. Looks like this is going to be well worn with those super cute kissing puppet sleeves. Great finds Op Shopping!!! It's not too often I score decent fabric.


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