To Infinity & Beyond! The Buzz Lightyear Nova Dress

By ari - July 01, 2015

I sewed this dress up last week for the tutorial photos of the Nova Dress (free pattern & tutorial!) but I felt that it deserved a post all of its own because (a) I love this pattern more and more every time I sew it (I've had to sew it a lot to get it right!) and (b) the photos are hella cute!

I just love how radically different it looks just with a less clashing/bold fabric selection. This one used Buzz Lightyear salvaged from a doona cover I bought at the op shop (in my eyes, all bedspreads/sheets are just metres and metres of fabric to use ^_^ ). The pastel yellow is a lightweight cotton twill I also scored at the opshop.

The triangle cut out in this dress is reversed to what is in the junk food dress. The free pattern has it up the way of this Buzz dress but when I digitalise the pattern and re-upload it there will be the option for both triangles (although if you really want the triangle with the apex downward it wouldn't be too hard to flip it!)

Oh that little lip! Poor babe, she'd twisted her ankle a little earlier that day and couldn't really put much weight on it. Precious girl did well modelling though, she just had her foot resting on the ground and put all her weight on the other one. I would pick her up and turn her around for the photos so she didn't have to move at all.

You can see the bias binding triangles at the neck much easier in this dress than against the busy print of the junk food Nova. 

The dress is a tight fit on her to get it on and off, around the side seams, as well as the length so I may fiddle around with that some more. Perhaps it's more of an 18m size? She's pretty tiny for her age. If someone sews this up for their standard 18month old wearing babe could you let me know how it fits?

I'm also hoping to eventually grade it up and down a few sizes when I learn how (seriously womenswear grading was a piece of cake to me. childrenswear? frack).

So yeh when I get around to that I might see if a few of you guys want to do some testing. This pattern will always be free but I just want it perrrrrfect you know?

Also I'm looking into making the big switch from blogger to wordpress. It won't be long coming, I'm pretty excited! There's a few BIG plans in my future as a blogger and a childrenswear designer/seamstress. Sort of going to pull all my skills together and start working toward my dream now the little babe is ALMOST THREE (as in next week ermahgerd). All the resources are there, it's time to put in the hours & the effort!

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  1. Oh, Max. Your makes are always the best. Edison looks so cute in this short dress. And the cut out and the fun neckline! Love it. And I'm so happy for you. I'm sure you'll be a super fun childrenswear designer. Can't wait to see where this is going! Wishing you all the best.

  2. This is adorable! I love the shark tooth binding at her neck.


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