Jupiter Bellbottom Overalls

By ari - October 11, 2015

Continuing from my Sew 'n Style Lil Luxe Collection adventures, here's a more detailed post about Look 3, the Jupiter Overalls!

So my NEW{!} laptop decided to die a violent and loud death a couple of weeks ago, taking with it all my photos I hadn't backed up yet (hooray!). Fortunately there were still a few photos I had already uploaded into drafts for this blog so I could show you more detailed pics of the outfits I sewed up for Edison for the Sew 'n Style Lil Luxe Collection competition! So that was lucky!

Instead of going in order, let's just start with one of my favourite pieces, the Jupiter Bellbottom Overalls!

I drafted the pattern myself, and after a lot of tweaking I'm planning on adding this to my hoarde of patterns I will release (one day!)(when I'm ready!)(It's really hard!). They're made from woven fabric with a bit of stretch to them, this makes them sturdy but comfortable and means they can fit snug around her little booty, body and tummy and not feel like a tight fit!

The fabric was the ~main~ fabric that I chose, knowing I wanted something bright but with black in it because that's my new go-to style. The bib is fully lined, but the pants are not. When I start tweaking this pattern I'm going to change the bib a lot because I don't really like how pointy the tips of it came out at all! I'll also bring the sides up higher to her armpits because ideally I wanted these overalls to be worn without a shirt underneath. I have some black stretch denim and some cute blue stretch denim that I want to make this pattern up in as well so keep an eye out for some *plainter* versions!

The back is a racerback,  the straps are attached to the back at the shoulders but I don't know if I'll leave it like that or turn it into all one piece. It would be cool, but at the same time that's a lot of continuous fabric and I'm just not sure because I really like use as less fabric as possible!

This little pumkin had a really great time in these overalls, they were the last outfit we shot for the day (we did the majority of them all in one afternoon! Just the purple metro maxi we did the day after) and she was a total superstar. She wore them home to get pizza and have a play and they proved perfect for running and jumping and climbing and being a silly little velociraptor. I'm really excited with all the ideas I have for this pattern and all the other little alternatives I'm going to incorporate! Think shortalls and an overall skirt, as well as the basic flared pants that I made up from this pattern as well! You heard it here first ;)

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  1. That is just adorable and the fabric is perfect.

  2. Add some bigger sizes when you do, overalls on little girls are so cute and so hard to find!
    Keep up the good work <3


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