Metropolitan Maxi Dress!

By ari - November 05, 2015

Here's a more detailed post on Look 4 from my Sew 'n Style Lil Luxe Collection adventures!

Edison and I could not be more different aesthetically. While I'm into black, she wants pink, while I'm into tomboy grunge sort of styles, she wants pretty princess. It's actually pretty hilarious when we go out during the day because we don't look like we belong. It makes me happy though, because it's obvious that she's in charge of her own style and I let her do that!

While I love short thigh-skimming skirts and dresses, little babe wants everything 'onto the floor'. So while I sewed up this dress and made it a little too long, she absolutely loved it. Until it rained and she got the bottom of her dress muddy and soggy.

This was the final piece that I sewed of the collection, and purely at her request, I hadn't made a dress yet, and while I was cutting it all out she kept asking me to make it 'onto the floor'. I used the Metropolitan Dress pattern by Lil Luxe Collection and sewed it standard except for adding a lot more length at the skirt. The purple is just purple cotton broadcloth, cheap and simple, the stripes are a drill so a little heavier. The bodice is lined in the stripes too, but the great thing about this pattern is how NEAT it all is on the inside. I definitely could have added a second skirt underneath to make this dress truly reversible which I think I will do next time I sew it up!

I think this has brought my Metro Dress count up to 4 now! I really love it! I love sewing it up and I love the way it looks. I am super ADD so sewing the same thing over and over doesn't work for me, I can't mass produce items, but there's something about this pattern that makes me want to keep sewing it!

We styled this dress with just my black Boy London beanie which is not an authentic piece, just a ripoff from eBay, and since there were some puddles around we opted for:

Eddie's yellow gumboots!

I love this photo because it shows you just how simple the skirt is, just a big rectangle!

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