Petit Oiseau Top

By ari - December 24, 2015

This is going to be one of those posts with like five hundred photos (or just ten) because Eddie just nailed it with all her cuteness! I was supposed to do this post as part of the petit oiseau top blog tour but with the really traumatic birth of my neice and the wonderful wedding of tim's brother, life really got the best of me and threw me for a six. hopefully I can make up for my absence on the tour with this post!

It's another t-shirt surgery from me, I have a small cupboard full of shirts i've collected over the years and it's my go to when trying out new patterns! The Petit Oiseau top is the latest offering from Filles à Maman. It's dolman style, and you can choose the length of the sleeves and have it with or without a ruffle across it. Since it's summer here I opted for the short sleeves but kept the ruffle because what's life without whimsy?

The black is just stretchknit from my stash (I always have to have black in my stash because, well it's my staple/base for everything!) the top of the tee is black & white stripes scrap and the ruffle and the back of the top is from a fluro yellow muscle men's shirt I was originally going to resize for Vinnie. I placed the ruffle pattern right over the logo and cut that out, i really love how it turned out! It said something about having hope or whatnot.

This pattern was incredibly easy to sew and piece together, there wasn't anything that had me scratching my head or wondering what was meant to fit where. I only did one layer of fabric for the ruffle, but there are options for making it double-sided.

It wasn't just the sewing of the pattern that was easy, the pattern printing and piecing itself was an absolute dream. Sometimes, it's really difficult with PDF patterns to make them all fit together and make sure you have the right size, however with Filles à Maman patterns literally everything you need is on the pattern, it's easy to stick the pages together and print out the right size. They're a dream, I really wish that all patterns had as much detail as this baby does! Filles à Maman is a french-language pattern company but the pattern is in english so if you are as uncultured as me and struggle with dealing with even one language then you're in luck.

Can we also take a moment to appreciate how damn cute this little girl is? She's growing up (not a lot, she's still so short) but man her sense of humour rivals her brother's!

I left the bottom of the top unhemmed, sometimes I do that a lot with the kids shirts these days mostly due to laziness than any sort of fashion statement. Usually I'll had hem and sleeve bands to make it look neat, because i just can't stand the zigzag look as hems, i don't know why. I had no issues with it when I was first making kids' clothes but now it's just something i aesthetically don't like!

Hope you have a happy and safe holiday :) I'm planning on drinking chocolate milk and playing Fallout 4 (and also sewing up something pretty for Pattern Revolution!). What are you plans for next year?

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  1. THAT is absolutely gorgeous! Your daughter is a dool! Thanks a lot for sewing the top! xxx

  2. Your creativity is awe-inspiring! I've always picked up unusual fabrics from flea markets and now with a 15 month old g'baby I know what I'm going to do with it. 2015 wasn't my best year either so here's to 2016. I'll send pictures when done. Thank you!


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