How to make a Supergirl dress from a T-shirt

By ari - January 02, 2016

hello friends!

the sewjo has been severely lacking over here, but it wasn't until I went away on a much deserved beach vacation that i realised how useful it is to have all my fabric and sewing machines within reach! So when i returned I cranked out a few things, this request by Eddie being one of them!

I love that she's old enough now to make her own decisions about what she wants to wear, what she would like me to make. She insisted on a Supergirl outfit, for quite some time now, and so I pulled out a Superman t-shirt I'd got from the op-shop years ago and got to work! I love doing t-shirt surgeries, I love seeing how much of the original t-shirt I can use and basically I love upcycling clothing!

I used the Little Skater dress pattern by Kitschy Coo, a firm favourite of mine for sewing for the little girl. The sleeves of the dress are from the sleeves of the original t-shirt, so no hemming was needed there! I cut out a band of yellow stretchknit and sandwiched it between the skirt and the bodice pieces of the dress as a belt. The cape is two long pieces of red cotton, stitched together and then attached to the back of the shirt's shoulders and neckband. Just make sure when you do this that you use a really good stretchy fabric for the neckband, as the cape greatly reduces the amount of stretch in the neckhole - making it a little tricky to slip over little miss's head if it is too tight! Ideally the cape should be stretchy too but I was stash-busting and it seems I don't have as much red in the stash as I would like!

How cute is this? She was standing on a chair in front of the fan trying to make her cape blow out behind her.

I used the shorts pattern that comes with the Clara by Violette Field Threads, and with the back piece of the original t-shirt I managed to eke out enough for some shorts to go underneath the dress! Some yellow stretch was used for the waistband - I really love how these turned out.

She wants a Wonder Woman outfit now, but it's pretty tough trying to locate the blue lycra with white stars! I really wanted to make it a swimsuit!

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  1. Awesome way to refashion a Superman t-shirt. Hubby has one in his wardrobe. Wonder if he'd notice if it went missing.


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