Proof that I still sew for Vinnie

By ari - January 06, 2016

it's hard, I mean I LOVE sewing for my little man, but now he is six you know, he has his own flavours over everything and most of the things I sew for him these days he's just not into, or he wants me to sew him something like stormtrooper armour...

Anyway, I've promised myself in the new year to try and come up with stuff that we both love and that he will enjoy wearing. I've given the majority of his mama-made threads away to little boys that we know in our community here, but it kinda sucks a whole lot because he hasn't worn them! Also lets not forget the fact that with girl's wardrobes they have the options of skirts and dresses too so...

The boy is just obsessed with leggings, and skinny jeans, and if you live where i live that's just out of the question for summer. I make him a bunch of quick sew shorts, but I think i'm going to have to make him some more of the cake and less of the frosting when it comes to bottoms, otherwise he just doesn't match when he puts on his batman shorts with some crazy patterned tee! IE, he needs more basic staples that are sort of less fun to sew but probably will get WAY more wear! Those shorts he's got on he's had for years and he always wears them because they're skinny, but they're cool too.

Anyway, this isn't anything that schmancy but this kiddo loves it. I sewed him up three basic kids tees the other night, all from fabric I scored at the op shop over the last year. He chose the fabrics and I sewed them, which is the best way to sew for him. it's difficult though, he always wants t shirts made out of woven fabrics and I'm just like, dude that's not going to be so comfortable! We'll get there though, otherwise in 2016 I'm going to be making a helluva lot more button up shirts for him.

The hem on this shirt is just overlocked, super lazy but he's not complaining :) he loves the heck out of this shirt so that makes me feel good!

He's in grade 2 this year. I don't even know how to comprehend that. 

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  1. I think I was reading your LJ (?) when you were pregnant with him! It doesn't seem like all that long ago.

  2. Love to see the boy sewing pop back up!


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