Boys Can Wear Pink 2.0

By ari - February 26, 2016

It's back again this year, and I'm super pumped to be on board for the second time! Boys Can Wear Pink is an amazing sewing initiative and something I truly believe in. It's breaking gender stereotypes when it comes to the things our kids like to wear, specifically the age old "pink is a girl's colour". Last year I sewed up this amazing little shirt and pants for Vin dawg (he still fits into the shirt! barely!). I've been blessed to have a little dude that has loved pink so fiercely since he chose his own fabric for me to make him a pair of pants from.

We're not just talking letting boys wear pink. We're talking about letting our kids be kids, letting them colour outside the lines and not learn these stupid *rules* about what they can and cannot like. This is a huge topic on my blog, if you're a regular reader, and it makes me so happy to see more and more people around the globe raising their kids the same way! Your boy likes mermaids? Awesome. Your girl loves Star Wars? That's so cool.

 This little guy. I've taken up hooping again because every time i started I ended up pregnant? Anyway so I figured I could hoop again and it might help to fall pregnant again (no luck yet) but it's a fun thing to do and the more I hoop the better I get! Last year I made the kids some hula hoops (I've got pics for a tutorial for that you guys!) but I've noticed that Vincent is getting better and better at it too! He is way better at my bigger and heavier hoop, so I'm going to make him another that is a bit heavier than the one he has now.

I think it's cool that one of his hobbies is something that's not a usual boy thing. He plays Minecraft, obsessed over Jurassic World and is pretty determined he's never getting married when he grows up. Sorry anyone who wanted him for their daughters! We'll see how he feels when he's older.

Vincent's leggings are a brand new pattern I fell in love with right away, I have so many scraps of knit fabric in a small box under my stash that I always save for pockets, elbow patches etc. The Zane joggers by Ellidactyl Designs are a leggings pattern with a dropped crotch. See that striped panel on Vin's? That's a pocket! I LOVE how these turned out. I sewed up the size six, which is a little big for him around the waist but perfect around his legs, so I know to taper to a size 5 around the waistband area next time (you can bet there will be a next time!)

I'm a huge fan of the 80s and 90s prints on fabric, and I love it when I score legit fabric from that era when I go op-shopping! I don't know, maybe because it's my childhood, maybe it's because it's really in fashion these days, but I this pattern is a great scrap buster! I used fabric from two shirts for the waistband and the ankle bands, and a scrap of rad knit fabric for the fluro patches. The pocket lining has a great big logo for some paint company across it, but I was determined to upcycle everything and so I used it. You can't even tell!

His shirt is a Nekromantix band tee that my sister owned and sent our way for general reconstructing purposes. They're a Danish-American psychobilly band I used to love so hard (at the height of my psychobilly phase), I remember seeing them live before Tim & I were married and it was just one of those epic nights you'll remember forever. My friends' band nabbed a supporting spot and opened for them, I was so proud!

It was pretty easy to resize, I used the basic tee pattern over at MADE. It's size 5, but vinnie is pretty skinny still so it fits. I have plenty of t-shirt patterns but as usual the ones I get from MADE are my favourite go-to patterns? I don't know. I love Dana.

Oh hang on, this post wasn't really pink enough was it. How about...

I also made him this hoodie! My sister and I bought matching hoodies about 95 years ago from Cotton ON Body, back when you couldn't get cool tattoo flash art inspired things anywhere without a hefty price tag! Well those hoodies lived their lives but I wore mine less and less since you can't really wear a hot pink hoodie when you have flurescent coloured hair! I sized it down for Vinnie using a shirt of his as a guide. I turned it raglan sleeved, took it all apart (waist and wrist ribbing, the hood etc) and stitched it all back together!

It's still way too hot here to be wearing such clothes, but he's a trooper and was munching on cold strawberries the entire shoot. He's going to love snuggling up into this when winter eventually hits! I showed him the day I made it and he was all mega heart eyes and sneaky little nods to me (he was so busy playing minecraft with his brotato chip Brodie).

My sister donated hers as well (she's so helpful to my post today apparently ahah), so I've got a smaller hoodie cut out of that for little Eddie! The graphic across the front reads "Fortune Favours the Brave" and I love it because it's obvs australian with the U still in Favours ;)

 I know you needed 75 photos of Vincent in a pink hoodie, so you're welcome.

Just like last year, there's a huge giveaway that only takes a few clicks to enter! You can see all the prizes and sponsors and enter over at the Handmade Boy's blog!

While you're clicking around, please check out the talented mama bloggers stitching up pink threads for their little (and big) men!

HattieLu Handmade

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  1. This look is so gnarly! I love the entire thing, and tried to get my boy to like that pattern, but he wasn't going for it. Whomp. The kid has no clue how cool they are. As a fellow Nekromantix and psychobilly fan, I was a little too ecstatic to see that. I upcycled one of our old Horrorpops shirts for my daughter. I really miss going to psychobilly shows, or punk, or metal.. or any show in general. Ok back to topic... I love that you upcycled and had all these items that had some special meanings to you.

  2. Oh man that kid is the coolest. Love it. He's such a little rock star, love all the pink-tinged stuff. I showed this post to my kids and they thought he was awesome too, FYI.


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