Friday, 25 March 2016

Black & Gold Clara Top and Shorts

I one thousand percent love sewing things up in black. It's my favourite colour, and Vin likes it too but Eddie? Hell naw. I just love putting a different spin on the pretty patterns I see sewn up, and not only that it goes with my aesthetic much more (black clothes, bright hair & shoes!). It's so hilarious when we go do things during the day and I'm just a little alternative looking (a little, I swear) and then there is my pretty pink princess with her mass amounts of hair and pretty shoes and all those pink ruffles.

Sometimes I get away with it though, even though she doesn't really wear this outfit that much I don't mind because I LOVE it and the times she has worn it have been to fancy events where she looked classy AF. I sewed up the Clara Top & Shorts by Violette Fields Threads. I did this like six months ago so Eddie is littler in the pics! It still fits her though, and I think it will for some time as a tunic top.

I got the opportunity to sew up the Clara dress by Violette Fields Threads (easily the pattern company I've had the longest crush on and now I feel like a grown up actually buying their patterns!) for Pattern Revolution. A bunch of us sewed them up to help with the hype of the surprise pattern drop, so I didn't actually get to review it properly just yet!

There's that black sheet again, there's no more left of it unfortunately but boy it had a good run aha. I love these simple little bodices, but then adding extra features like the baby-doll *skirt* party and the ruffles just transform it. I used some gold stretch fabric for the ruffles, and instead of doubling them so there was no right/wrong side, I just used single layers and hemmed them. It would have been too crazy to try and sew with all the bulk but I like the way they turned out regardless!

The fancy-looking hem on the top is the finishing on the sheet. I loved incorporating that into the tunic! How great is the bright sunlight in these pics, I have no idea what I was thinking going out in the middle of the day for a mini shoot?

The pattern comes with a simple little knit shorts pattern, which I like to call hot pants ;) The shorts have been my saving grace for Edison's too-short dresses she still insists on wearing. Throw the gold hotpants on underneath and she's good to go and be as unladylike as she wants

The headwrap was super easy, just a big long rectangle of gold fabric sewn into a tube and turned the other way out. She hates it of course, she just doesn't do hair accessories. She prefers letting the mop go wild, which is fine with me but she does let me dress her hair up for shoots!

I really love the shape of this tunic, it's so sweet on her. Maybe I should make up another one in a pink or rainbows or something I can convince her into wearing. It's such a sweet little outfit!


Friday, 18 March 2016

Kangaroo Wild Things Coat

Little Miss Edison wasn't the only one lucky enough to get a Wild Things Coat, although the pink plaid unicorn is definitely a really epic sew! Vincent chose a kangaroo, which made me like ??? How the heck do I do a kangaroo! I wanted to sew a kangaroo pocket across the front but I felt it would alter the pattern too much when I was just meant to be testing! 

I don't mind this jacket too much, I'm just really annoyed that I didn't have any brown thread and had to use YELLOW to sew the thing together. I can't stand contrast top stitching really, it's just my thing I think aha. It stands out so much on the front placket and gives me a twitch. I'm so critical I know, because the guy LOVES it. I often find this jacket pulled out of his cupboard and lying around even though it's still very hot here in Australia ~ he's been playing dress ups.

I teamed it with his twisted trousers. I feel these pants would be more of a favourite of his if they were slimmer fitting? The guy has SERIOUS issues with slightly baggy pants, yeesh. I don't care, I love them ahah. He's almost outgrown them, height-wise, so I'm looking forward to sending them off to some little dudes we know in the community and to see them rocking them instead!

The pattern is, of course, the Wild Things Coat by Big Little. I used the donkey ears for the kangaroo ears and the tail is a combination of the dinosaur and the fox tail! I like the idea of making a bit long stuffed tail and having it button on (like Vincent's Pikachu suit)

How great are his little desert boots? I searched for so long trying to find some nice black shoes for him to wear to his uncle's wedding, but i was absolutely under no circumstances buying those leather lace up school shoes for him. It's just not my jam. I eventually found these for $15 at Big W, super stoked. I've realised i'm really fussy when it comes to my kids' footwear - but so are they and our preferences often clash! Compromise, it's got to be up there in that elusive handbook of how to raise kids!

The fabric was a score from the op shop because there is no way I would EVER voluntarily buy brown fabric or keep it in my stash haha. Every time i've needed it for costumes or something it's been really hard to find brown in my fabric scraps, so I got this big length of the weirdest fabric from the op shop for a few dollars. Because both the brown fabric and the mustard lining are thin cottons, I lined the entire thing in this white blanket (it's sort of like a hospital blanket, thick brushed cotton of some description) which makes it cosy and warm.

Shout out to my main man for modelling this in the middle of the australian summer. You can bet he munched on frozen strawberries and ice cold water during the quickie shoot and then was paid handsomely in ice cream ;)

Friday, 11 March 2016

Bella Maxi Dress

The cool thing about sewing for Pattern Revolution is finding patterns I wouldn't normally ever thing I would sew up, and then completely falling in love. I mean, there's loads of cool things about PR including little sneak peeks at upcoming pattern releases, but probably the main thing is the community. I love my PR girls and their talent! My goodness.

ANYWAY. For the Simple Life Pattern Co's celebration of being in business for a year I sewed up Bella's Maxi Dress. Edison is so into maxis right now, I love it even though they're not the greatest for the activities she decides to wear them for. Instead of saving her pretty dresses for fancy events, Eddie dons a dress every day. It doesn't matter how dirty it gets, how it affects her ability to climb ladders in the playground or slide down a pole; she feels like a damn princess and that's all that matters to her! (try convincing her to wear sensible shoes lol)

It was such an easy pattern, which I liked because it doesn't look like a basic dress. The pattern only needs you to print out the bodice piece and the rest is rectangles you can measure and cut out which is super simple! The black is a sheet, I used up the rest of it on a dress that will be reviewed over on Pattern Revolution in the next few days. The purpley-blue watercolour fabric is the leftovers of the fabric I bought for Edison's Ariel-inspired two piece!

The bodice is made from a small scrap of pretty fabric I scored at the op shop for a few cents. I don't know what it is abut it but I really love it. Anyway it really doesn't take that long to sew, and everything is very simple and straight forward. I love the double straps on the bodice, although you can choose to have one or the other (straight straps or the V-shaped ones)

I used the excess bias-binding I made for the straps as a little headband for Eddie. She had the best time twirling and dancing in her barefeet and pretty dress. It was a good time, fresh and happy.

All the fabrics are just simple cottons, so it's easy to wear, easy to wash, easy to dry. We're going back to the beach for the easter holidays (i'm totally counting down to it!)(15 days!) and this is definitely going to be one of the things I pack for her. it's low maintenance, it's pretty, and she can dance and get covered in sand and korean cuisine (we'll be definitely visiting our favourite resturant!). Can you imagine her running and playing on the beautiful beaches in this? I can, it makes my heart happy! (Maroochydore is our happy place!)