Kangaroo Wild Things Coat

By ari - March 18, 2016

Little Miss Edison wasn't the only one lucky enough to get a Wild Things Coat, although the pink plaid unicorn is definitely a really epic sew! Vincent chose a kangaroo, which made me like ??? How the heck do I do a kangaroo! I wanted to sew a kangaroo pocket across the front but I felt it would alter the pattern too much when I was just meant to be testing! 

I don't mind this jacket too much, I'm just really annoyed that I didn't have any brown thread and had to use YELLOW to sew the thing together. I can't stand contrast top stitching really, it's just my thing I think aha. It stands out so much on the front placket and gives me a twitch. I'm so critical I know, because the guy LOVES it. I often find this jacket pulled out of his cupboard and lying around even though it's still very hot here in Australia ~ he's been playing dress ups.

I teamed it with his twisted trousers. I feel these pants would be more of a favourite of his if they were slimmer fitting? The guy has SERIOUS issues with slightly baggy pants, yeesh. I don't care, I love them ahah. He's almost outgrown them, height-wise, so I'm looking forward to sending them off to some little dudes we know in the community and to see them rocking them instead!

The pattern is, of course, the Wild Things Coat by Big Little. I used the donkey ears for the kangaroo ears and the tail is a combination of the dinosaur and the fox tail! I like the idea of making a bit long stuffed tail and having it button on (like Vincent's Pikachu suit)

How great are his little desert boots? I searched for so long trying to find some nice black shoes for him to wear to his uncle's wedding, but i was absolutely under no circumstances buying those leather lace up school shoes for him. It's just not my jam. I eventually found these for $15 at Big W, super stoked. I've realised i'm really fussy when it comes to my kids' footwear - but so are they and our preferences often clash! Compromise, it's got to be up there in that elusive handbook of how to raise kids!

The fabric was a score from the op shop because there is no way I would EVER voluntarily buy brown fabric or keep it in my stash haha. Every time i've needed it for costumes or something it's been really hard to find brown in my fabric scraps, so I got this big length of the weirdest fabric from the op shop for a few dollars. Because both the brown fabric and the mustard lining are thin cottons, I lined the entire thing in this white blanket (it's sort of like a hospital blanket, thick brushed cotton of some description) which makes it cosy and warm.

Shout out to my main man for modelling this in the middle of the australian summer. You can bet he munched on frozen strawberries and ice cold water during the quickie shoot and then was paid handsomely in ice cream ;)

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  1. Your kids just keep getting cuter and cuter! And Love the kangaroo details.


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