South American Adaline Dress

By ari - April 08, 2016

This pattern I reviewed over on Pattern Revolution, you can read my concise review over there! I sewed up the Adaline Dress by Bella Sunshine Designs in some more of that great fabric I used for the Sew n Style mini collection.  It's a printed Rayon and feels really nice and slinky. While normally I hate that kind of fabric to sew with, this wasn't annoying and didn't slip away from me when I was trying to stitch it all together. The contrast bodice pieces are leftover from these colouring-in shorts I made the little man two years ago! It comes from Ikea and is really thick, almost like a canvas.

There are loads of options for embellishing this dress, including piping and I really wanted to do pom pom trim along the blocked pieces but I didn't have the right colour (it looked baaaad lmao). The bodice is a really great size to use any small scraps of fabric you've been hoarding for *something*. I'm not sure if a fat quarter would work? I don't know, let me get back to you on that one ;)

Normally I prefer shorter length sleeves and skirts on Eddie's dresses, but she loves longer things and while I had it hanging on the hangar in my studio as a WIP she was already undressing to try it on. I love the process of sewing for my kids, they really get it now. They know not to wear things until after I take photos of them, lol! They love it when I measure them, they love trying things on, they love giving me their input which I know is so important because after six years of sewing for small man I finally GET IT. I cant just sew something without his consent because he probably won't like it. 

The Adaline Dress is one of those patterns where there is literally no guess work. The instructions are super clear, you pretty much get your hand held through every step and if you are a visual learner like me the pictures are there for every single step. I really recommend this for beginner seamists that have a few things under their belt because while it might seem a bit scary to do lining and buttonholes this pattern is legit!


I love her so much. 

I'm not really all that apologetic for all the pic spam, because I REALLY love these photos!

Mega props for my little cutie pie model who was just being a total threenager that day and I kept thinking "this is a bad idea, this is such a bad idea" to even ask her if she would model for me. She was so down for it though, and flipped her attitude which made me so proud! The best part was it was sprinkling down rain the entire time we were snapping photos and she didn't once have a problem with it!

Yeh, she is licking a (fake) cactus

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  1. Your daughter is extra adorable in these photos! Love her silly poses.

  2. Aww!! What a cutie patootie!!! Love the prints you chose!! =)


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