May the Fourth be with You - A Little Rey of Sunshine

By ari - May 04, 2016

There's no doubt who Eddie's hero is at the moment. She loves Rey, which makes me so stoked because as far as rolemodels go, Rey is a pretty epic one! If you're not a Star Wars fan (what..?) then let me shed some light on what's going on here! Rey is one of the major characters in the latest Star Wars movie (Episode 7: The Force Awakens). It was a massive live-altering moment to be able to take both my children to see a Star Wars movie in the cinema. Their grandfather was 16 years old when he saw A New Hope (the first ever Star Wars movie) in the cinemas, and I just wanted that experience so badly for my kids. Tim and I went to the midnight screening the day it was released and woah my mind was blown. The next day I took my kids to see it!

I wore my Jedi mini dress i made FIVE years ago! (click the link for the tutorial!)

How many Star Wars items of clothing can you see?!

Rey is the sort of female lead I can get behind. She's tough, but not unrealistically badass. She's smart, she's funny, she's resourceful and she's strong. She's a product of the way she's grown up and she's just so easy to identify with. Another thing I like? She's not sexualised or undervalued because she's a female. As a woman who loves nerdy things, it is really hard to find female characters that aren't wearing ridiculously skimpy clothing or trying to kick bad guy ass in heels. So the fact that my daughter adores this character? So good. When I asked the kids what they wanted to wear today, Eddie spoke up without even thinking, "Wey."

When I was musing on how I'd make this for Eddie, I had to look at the fabrics in my stash first. Sewing with creams and browns is not my aesthetic at all, so my supplies were really low! I didn't want to make it a full on costume, going with what I usually do by stitching something costume-ish but still everyday wearable!

I used the Alleycat Romper pattern by Lil Luxe Collection, a pattern I've sewn so many times before! I shortened the legs so they hit Eddie just below the knee, and because I was using t-shirts I had to make it a little less full so there's a bit over an inch removed from the centre front and backs along the fold. I used two different t-shirts for the bottoms, but you can't even tell haha. The front is like a blue-ish tan and the back is a more yellow-based tan.

I did NOT ask her to pose like this. I didn't even think to get her a stick. This is all Eddie chanelling her character here! That's her "don't mess with me take me back to Jakku" face on there. I stitched up the sleeveless version of the romper, and I did make her arm warmers which she was wearing ALL day and we totally forgot to put them back on her once she put the romper on. I used the sleeve pattern from the romper too, just taking away the shoulder and adding little fold over bands at the upper arm to keep them on her little guns.

The belt is just a loop of brown ribbing from my knit scrap box. The cross over strips are two lengths of knit fabric stitched to the shoulders. This is a hugely simple little outfit and one I definitely recommend that anyone could make!

And no, it's not cold here yet. It's Winter next month and Australia thought about it for about four days last week then decided to give it a miss and stay Summer. I'm okay with this.

Vincent was Darth Vader but preferred to stay inside and watch A New Hope. We've watched four of the seven movies and will save the next three for Revenge of the Fifth ;) And no, we're not watching them in any specific order, just whatever Vincent and Eddie decide! My best friend Kelli made us stormtrooper cupcakes for Vincent to take to school and share with his class today and Tim bought the kids stormtrooper ice creams and made us cheese & Ham Solo toasties for dinner. It's been a good day, and Eddie has declared it the Best Star Wars Day Ever (aka the only one where she's actively really been the least bit interested in Star Wars)

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  1. So awesome! I can't even 😍😍😍 just love it!

  2. Perfect idea for creating a comfortable, easy to wear Rey outfit! Love how into it she is!

  3. Ridiculously cute little Rey! You nailed it. Love that you did the hair too, teehee. Completely agree about Rey as the perfect Star Wars lead, I had no idea going into the movie she would be the main character and it was super exciting for me! Of course E loves her too, but when I ask O who his favorite character was, he said Rey!! And his favorite bad guy was Phasma! Thank you JJ Abrams!!


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