Thread Faction #110 - The Cutest & Easiest Romper this year!

By ari - May 27, 2016

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There's some really cute rompers out there to sew up these days, which is awesome but this year my absolute favourite has to be #110 from Thread Faction!  I sewed up the size 3 for Edison, although she measured a size 2 in this pattern (it's getting cold here and I wanted her to wear it more than just once!). I hacked up a shirt my sister had donated to me for repurposing and it fit sooo perf!

 This pattern is a dream to sew. Everything is straight forward and easy! Like, really easy. Liz' patterns are perfect for any beginner (through to advanced because look! so cute!) with the simple diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions. For reals, I have trouble sometimes following instructions in patterns? Like it's easier for me to grab the pieces, glanced at the illustrations, and then work it out or sew it together how I would do it (double-checking if there's a new technique I haven't attempted yet) because most of the time I just get so confused! I'm a very visual learner!

These babies though? It's got everything from how to cut your fabric properly to how to alter the pattern to fit your kid. The pattern doesn't even assume you know anything, it helps you with EVERY single part. Oh my gosh, I really really love it. I've got like four other patterns I'm sewing up from the same company and i'm legit excited over that! The designs are simple but stunning,

Edison absolutely loves this which is huge because for a year she was so averse to rompers. This one she was serious heart-eyes over and was kinda bummed we didn't take pics sooner of her in it because - the golden blogging child rule is that you can't wear anything until after the photoshoot! Hahha. She really wants to wear this to gymnastics, which is adorable. I'm going to have to make her a few more when Summer comes around!

I know it sounds like I'm raving over this pattern like a crazy person but I feel once you start sewing up a Thread Faction pattern yourself you will understand where I'm coming from? I hope you do anyway aha.

The flutter sleeves are unfinished, which make them nice and light, and the waistband is elasticated. Construction of this romper is so straightforward it's just so nice to have one of those patterns where you can sit down and sew and not feel like you need some physics degree to just get it all together.

There's a whole blog tour going down, so you should go check that out and see all the other things that my friends have been stitching up! My day isn't until tomorrow but I have other Thread Faction things to shooowwwwww you so come back tomorrow and the next day and the next day too, alright? alright. (There's a giveaway too okay so yeh, you better come back >:| ) Oh! And there's a competition too so like if you fancy yourself some free patterns and fabric go enter that too ;) You know. If you want to.

26/5 Nap Time Creations,  Miss Castelinhos, Swoodson Says, Needles to say

27/5 Made By Sara, Sew Not Perfect, Hello Holli, Whisk 'em

28/5 House of Estrela, Made By Amanda Rose, Max California, Brave Fabrics

29/5 Create 3.5, Bless by Tone, The College Seamstress

30/5 Ma Me Mi Mo, Paisley Roots,  Skirt Fixation

31/5 Sew Very, Rebel and Malice, Call Ajaire

1/6 Better Dressed Child, Buzzmills, Handmade Frenzy

2/6 Lamb and ewe crafts, All Things Beautiful, Pen, Seb & Rox

All the patterns are $8 each, but you can buy the entire collection for $28 (seven patterns!) and seriously? This is a really cute collection! There's two dresses, a tank, shorts, a romper, skorts (so cute!) and a really cute dolman sleeved cropped top. What I love about this collection is not only is it all knit, but it looks so comfortable and it's easy to sew. The style is simplistic and I love that so much. You could pretty much sew your little girl's entire summer wardrobe from this collection! The sizes run from size 2 to size 10, and I feel they're those patterns that you reach for instinctively when you want to sew something up quickly. Not to mention, if you're into t-shirt surgery like me, you can upcycle so many things with these patterns!

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  1. This is just adorable! - nice work :)

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!! The romper is my fave look & I want to make that first, then dive right into ALL the others!!! Thanks for playin & ROCK ON!

  3. The romper and your daughter are adorable.

  4. Fun outfit, fun post (I always love your "voice"), and great review.


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