Boy's Baseball Jersey feat. Pizza

By ari - November 24, 2016

Does my son look younger than usual in this post? Why yes, yes he does. That's because I sewed this up in June and apparently the boy is just growing and growing and growing!

This rad baseball shirt is DEFINITELY something i'm going sew a few more times for him, i absolutely love it. I love being able to make it non-traditional and I want to sew him one up in like a floral or any rad print really!

I stitched this up to review for Pattern Revolution! it's the Old Tyme Baseball Shirt by Dandelions n Dungarees and it was actually quite an adventure to sew. I'm a very visual learner, and if i can't make sense of the pictures then i'm just doomed to fail so after screwing up so very epicly i re-cut it again and started to win.

The shirt isn't really that difficult, it was just that placket part that I messed up, and of course I messed it up AFTER i made binding and stitched it all on (oh my god I was so unimpressed with myself). After I just trusted that the pattern knew what it was trying to tell me and I followed the instructions carefully (trust me, don't question it, just do it) everything came together so well and the shirt is just the raddest thing in vin's wardrobe really

Honestly the thing that let me down the most was the patches. I have no idea how people who don't sew even use these iron on patches because let me tell you, they don't freaking stick?? Vin wore this shirt to his blue light disco (he wound up in the newsletter and on the school website wearing it haah) and by the end of the night he'd lost half the letters that said Pizza and the 7 on the back was falling off.

So uncool, really

he hasn't worn it since then which is a shame because i have to sew all the stuff back on but i mean i spent like over $20 on patches for this shirt that don't even work :,) Plus i almost scorched the shirt TRYING to make them stick.

whatever man, whatever

I really adore the piping, the snaps, the neckline. I really love this pattern! You can buy it in sizes 2T-7 and of course it's unisex so if you want to sew one for a little girl defo do this.

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