Monday, 18 December 2017

Beetlejuice Inspired Peppermint Swirl Dress

Check out this little creep. Ugh I love her so much, she's so brilliant! With her Helena Bonham-Carter hair and her beetlejuice-ish dress she is totally channeling Tim Burton here!

I received this pattern last year to review for Pattern Revolution, but totally forgot to post about it here! It's the Peppermint Swirl Dress by Candy Castle Patterns. It's a pretty simple pattern, really, when you get to the bare bones of it! It took me forever to sew all those swirls but it was worth it. I've seen this done up in really pretty fabrics, but it's either monochromatic black & white or FULL OF COLOUR with me so i went with a beetlejuice inspired version!

Fortunately (for me) eddie has got out of her hella princess stage (everything had to be pink or pretty dresses) but i sewed this up when she was dead smack in the middle of it. I was pretty sure she wasn't going to be on board with it or even let me style her up for the shoot but to my surprise she was ALL ABOUT IT. She's really into monster high and i think that helped a little.

I think it's also the twirl factor in this dress, its amazing! The pattern is crazy easy, really! I was really impressed with the instructions, everything is so clear and straightforward with plenty of patterns so if you’re a brand new seamstress wanting to sew something a little fancy you should definitely think about this dress! There are fourteen skirt panels in this really cool swirl shape and sewing them together was a little tedious (so was cutting them out) but it really wasn’t so bad. You can see it taking shape almost immediately and once you have the skirt sewn up it’s just heart eyes from there. Even the bodice had me swooning; the sweet little petal neckline and the cute little sleeve flounce. Eddie poured over it as it was laid out ready for the shoot and commented on how much she loved literally every detail.

She's outgrown it now and it's been washed and sent off to her little cousin Billie (there's only one girl in the family for the hand me downs to head to, as eddie's two other girl cousins - although younger - are the same size & even bigger than her!). Next year (i keep going to say THIS YEAR), i've put it in my head to be making two of everything that I sew for eddie. Since she's my only daughter i sort of feel i need to make more than one of something to justify the printing/taping/cutting of the patterns?

I just used pink snaps on the back, they're too easy!

This is possibly my last post for the year about something I have made! I feel bad that I haven't blogged ANYTHING about Nova yet, but that's for next year!

it was a perfect misty moisty morning for the photos! She nailed it. eddie's been really into ~~fashion lately, her little poses are so cute so I can't wait to sew more things next year now that I'm not pregnant and the baby is a little bigger! Remind me to write out my birth story here next year, too, because I had a successful VBA2C (vaginal birth after two caesareans) which was an amazing experience and showed me how powerful i actually can be!


Thursday, 9 November 2017

one thimble issue 17: big day out jacket

I am definitely no stranger to patch/battle/denim jackets (whatever you wanna call em!), i've decorated many, stitched a bunch from scratch too, but this is the first time  the pattern i used was for an actual denim jacket! And i didn't even use denim for it :,) The pattern is the Big Day Out jacket (which is an AWESOME name for a festival jacket since it's one of australia's amazing annual music festivals) and is designed by Ainslee Fox Boutique. The only place you can nab this is either in the latest issue of One Thimble (but also you can buy it as a standalone pattern in the One Thimble shop)

Seriously? it's a very cool pattern. At first i was like, oh god why did i choose the most detailed garment to sew up??? does vin need ANOTHER jacket? but then once i got to it i realised it wasn't as time consuming as i thought it would be (and I have a three month old hanging about!) I just grabbed whatever I had at home, which was some white drill and a bunch of patches that were meant to be on my patch jacket but i haven't got there yet so they landed on this one! (patches are from eBay!). I didn't get any pics of the inside because I am a very tired mother HOWEVER i can tell you that the pockets are lined with a buzz lightyear sheet (the same one I used for the tutorial of Eddie's NOVA dress)(omg i didn't realise that dress and my third kid have the same name.. ahah!). And I also lined the back yoke (it doesn't call for it in the pattern and I'm not 100% sure why i did it? I just like doing that in my yoked shorts/jackets)

I left off the sleeves, since it's summer here and I thought it wouldn't get much use as a full jacket (the dude LOVES his jackets but the things he wears day to day often just involve a hoodie or something easy to slip on). It made the construction time shorter, obviously, but I think it looks just as rad!

The back patch is always the MOST IMPORTANT PART of a patch/battle/festival jacket. Honestly Idek what to call them, everyone has their own name I guess! Vin's backpatch is made from a t-shirt my friend wanted me to resize for her but ended up just letting me have it 8D GOJIRA! of course vincent loves it to death, and so do I. I have a white denim vest similar (it's pure and white and unpatched... right now anyway) and I keep looking at his and wondering if I could squeeze into it? Check my instagram for the results of this experiment in the near future!

I'm kind of mad that I didn't get any close-ups of the buttons either, they're really cute little white smiley faces!

When Nova was born (whaaat, how has he not made an appearance on the blog yet?), the midwife wrote down NASA on our discharge forms. It was pretty hilarious, really, and kinda close! Therefore it's become his nickname, baby NASA. We've been collecting everything NASA related now, we always loved space (i mean, his name right!), but now it's actually really funny finding his 'name' on things.

You can grab the latest issue of One Thimble (#17!) here!

i realised half way through sewing this up that i've low key been inspired by jungkook's bomber jacket in the mic drop performance which is hilarious to me because it was not intentional! Want to check out all my past patch jackets? we have this bad boy featuring a back patch from a friend's old band! I decorated this one for a friend's baby girl, star wars themed! One of my favourite's is this one with mis-matched sleeves and a mickey mouse back patch! My very own patch jacket that i have never blogged about BUT SHOULD. Eddie also has started decorating her very own battle jacket too c:


Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Rapunzel Dress (with handmade buttons)

I think my favourite makes are the ones that aren't *for* anything in particular, just that I want to sew something and then I do. I found my sketches for a combination of different Little Mermaid outfits based on the Cosette Dress by Violette Field Threads - I did the classic ariel look as a two-piece right here, back in 2015 (woah what) but I had a bunch of other ideas sketched up including sebastian the crab and ursula the sea witch (they're still pinned up on my irl pin board to make eddie one day). Anyway the sketches inspired me to do a rapunzel dress for eddie, since she's short on princess dresses at the moment (she's outgrown the Elsa and the Anna dresses I made her like, 3 years ago) (which I apparently never took photos of and blogged ._. )


Friday, 8 September 2017

Eleven Dress (Stranger Things) and a mini tutorial for the bodice

Tutorial: how to sew the bodice for an Eleven from Stranger Things dress  •

Have you seen Stranger Things yet? I didn't watch it for ages because I was certain that it was not for me, anything to do with horror and kids is just, no go (i get too scared!) HOWEVER it wasn't THAT terrifying (okay there was a night I stayed up until 4am to watch a few episodes because it was a bit scary) and I REALLY recommend it. It made me wonder how many people get written off as having delusions when there's actually something that has happened (okay probably not because of a demigorgon but, you know). I LOVED winona ryder as the mum, it was so cool seeing her in a role like that and I really loved Eleven as well - what cool female leads in this show!

Tutorial: how to sew the bodice for an Eleven from Stranger Things dress  •

ANYWAY I really wanted to make an eleven dress for eddie, the show is set in the early 80s, and I'm pretty sure i had like seven dresses similar when I was a kid! Using the Georgia Dress pattern by Violette Field Threads (again), I made a few adjustments to make it the way I wanted!


Monday, 28 August 2017

Project Run & Play Mini

Hey guys! I never really thought i'd be doing anything like Project Run & Play ever again but here I am partying for their mini challenge! And you know what, just like with everything with the PR&P crew, i had so much fun! This post has a bunch of fun pics and a LOT of words so grab a milo and some wagon wheels c:

The challenge this time is to sew an outfit (for our bubs!) with the fabric that was sent to us from Art Gallery Fabrics. We didn't get to choose, which was sort of hectic because the moment I saw the fabric (Fietsen Intense by Katarina Roccella) i was allocated my stomach did a dive - how was I going to pull this off? I have two styles: black and edgy and grungey, or bright and colourful and fun! The bicycles is definitely something a lot more classy than my usual style, so i was panicking a little that i would just wind up making some sort of pretty dress for eddie and leave it at that. NOT that that is a bad thing (at all!) but it's not really my style and definitely not what I wanted to do for this competition. I know i have a rep for being more than a little different, so I wanted to embrace that!

but HOW.

We were allowed to choose another fabric to go with the one we were assigned, so after a little trawling one morning I chose this one (Paparounes Crimson, also by Katarina Roccella!), i thought the colours would go great together and with the bolder florals I felt like it would be a bit easier for me to come up with something! As you can see there is no black and there's no fluro, just navy, white and this pretty peachy coral colour in the bicycle fabric.

By the time the fabric came I had it ALL PLANNED out and ready, i even had some basic pieces that were going with my original idea all sewn up, but you know what? I missed one important thing.

The fabric was KNIT.

I have no idea I just assumed it was some sort of cotton. I'm super smart you guys c:

That kinda threw my original plans for a six, but then after staring at the fabric (and marvelling at how SOFT it was)(we may have cuddled it, searching for inspiration to hit me) we came up with something even BETTER!

So, well, i mean if you're a reader of this blog or know me in any way you will know by now for sure that my strength is sewing for my muse, Vin! Sewing for him is not only totally fun but it's my favourite thing to do because I know that sewing for boys is definitely a minority, but also sewing when you have my style is even more unique! There was no doubt in my mind that this was going to be a boy look, for SURE! Eddie saw all the fabric though and asked me to make her a dress, so naturally her outfit came to be as well (GUYS I haven't even introduced my baby yet?! I had one! His name is Nova! I better post about the stuff I made him later so you can meet him properly YIKES) SO ANYWAY I was going to sew up something for the littlest in the trilogy too but I thought that it was going to be overachieving, difficult, and I've been 24 days without sleep so leaving it to the modelling efforts of my two oldest pros was a much better idea (but you know, this fietsen intense fabric is hella soft and I have a small scrap of it left so stay tuned to my sewing instagram for some baby leggings for sure!)

Vincent's outfit is a damn dream on him, I mean LOOK. He loves it too, which is always such a good thing when sewing for the kids! His coveralls are self-drafted, basically a button up shirt mashed with some pants/jeans. They're made out of denim with a tonne of fun details! I lined it with the poppy fabric that I also was sent by Art Gallery Fabrics (Paparounes Crimson)

The knees feature motorcycle-style knee pads, with one of them being a ~~secret pocket! There's also ~~~secret pockets in the sideseams of the coveralls, I used little invisible zippers to make them hidden. I have way too much fun with pockets you guys! The knee patches are a bunch of pin tucks, which was sort of fun but time consuming and involved me drawing a lot of lines on the denim with my broken grading ruler. I really love the way they look though, so does vin!

his little henna tattoo ^_^

His shirt is made out of the bicycle fabric (fietsen intense knit!) and I used the beachy boatneck top from blank slate patterns. this has always been one of my favourite patterns, and it's becoming more and more one i reach for to sew for vin because of that amazing neckline and how well it flatters his gorgeous lil chest! I know I've said it a few times now but this fabric is SO CRAZY SOFT, like butter, it's beautiful. The little man loves his shirt so much (he tried to sleep in it after the shoot), comfort is such a big factor for him these days and I totally agree because I've been focusing on comfort too!

Eddie's dress is the groove dress (this is the third one i've made and let me tell you it will NOT be the last, this pattern is addictive as they warn you it is!) by Made-It Patterns. The child loves her dress too, she loves all her groove dresses but this one is fantastic because... yeh... IT'S SO SOFT! I lined the lower back half of the dress with the poppy print for a dash of extra fun there and I really love how it turned out!

 I made a simple kimono to go over the top, which at first (when I was telling her the designs) she was so not into at all. However once I started sewing it up and got her to try it on she started to fall for it hard! AWESOME. And, as you can see, she loves how it accessorises her groove dress so perfectly. I love the boxy shape on her, we cinched it with a belt for some pics but for others we just let it flap free.

It's kind of funny that i was avoiding making her a pretty dress for this and well... I did hehe.

Do you love these looks? Please vote for me if you do! And leave a comment here bc it makes me feel fuzzy to know people still read this lil ol blog c:

MASSIVE shoutout to my amazing kids and their epic modelling skills? I'm really determined to learn my camera better bc i swear my photos are letting all of us down. Also to my husband who helped me brainstorm and was incredible during the shoot (that man has an amazing brain that works so well with mine!). Thanks to Hayley also for letting me chat and making me realise I wasn't alone! Thank you to Art Gallery Fabrics for the amazing fabric that they shipped all the way to australia for this and thank you for PRP of course because I adore you ladies and how much you've supported and loved me throughout my blogging journey!

Oh and because you made it all the way down here you deserve to see these outtakes, lmao:

she was falling lmao

he took my "put your hand in your pocket" too the extreme


Friday, 18 August 2017

Rainbow Overalls Dress

So I LOVE overalls, i adore them on the kids and I have a pair myself. I had this plans of drafting my own pattern of *proper* overalls because all the patterns I had seen weren't really the style I wanted. I did a *fancy* version for my Bright & Bold lil luxe mini collection but I didn't have any *traditional* ones.

and then, i don't even know how, i found the I Dig Dungarees as soon as they were released. I didn't even know the designer, but after buying them (right away) I really, really, recommend Made by Jack's Mum (i haven't tried any other patterns from MBJM but if you're sewing for a boy I would really check out the others!). The attention to detail in both the pattern and the instructions is something I super appreciate when I'm trying to sew things that are more complicated than a pair of shorts or a shirt.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Donut Dress

This fun little dress is (another) Safari Raglan, which is a pattern I am pretty obsessed with at the moment for sewing up quick little dresses and shirts for edison. If it looks familiar you're pretty spot on, my first ever safari raglan was made up in the same main fabric, hehe. I just don't really have many knits in my stash that are fun and not like... this ugly blue and this weird purple, and a lot of my sewing is spur of the moment with whatever I have in my stash.


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Butterfly Wings

Eddie had a butterfly party at kindy earlier this year, which was the perfect reason for me to sew up these ADORABLE butterfly wings that i'd bought the pattern for like, oh idk, a year ago? I'm always hesitant sewing up things that aren't clothes, like accessories or bags, and I don't really know why. Maybe it's because I know how clothes go together, i can look at something and replicate it because I know what each piece does. Everything else I have no clue haha.


Thursday, 20 July 2017

Tutorial: Triangle Pocket Skirt

Tutorial: triangle pocket skirt - a super quick sew with triangle pockets on triangle pockets! •

 For some reason lately I've been angling for triangles? Okay, i totally didn't mean that little pun there but it's staying! I was invited to come up with something for Simple Simon & Co's annual Skirting the Issue which is an amazing initiative for sewing up skirts and donating them to little girls in the community that probably don't get things like this (there's a list of places you can donate to in the link above, and yes there's australian centers too!)

Tutorial: triangle pocket skirt - a super quick sew with triangle pockets on triangle pockets! •

So today my offering is this fun little tutorial for an easy skirt with triangle pockets! There's pockets on the pockets too, also triangles, so it's like - triception.

Eddie has been begging to put this skirt on since I made it, but I've learned the blogger's number one rule that if you want to take photos of it DO NOT LET the children wear it/touch it/breath near it until you have the shots. She's been very patient.

Tutorial: triangle pocket skirt - a super quick sew with triangle pockets on triangle pockets! •
Tutorial: triangle pocket skirt - a super quick sew with triangle pockets on triangle pockets! •

This skirt is pretty easy to whip up, honestly, and i'm 39 weeks pregnant so take my word for it okay?

Tutorial: triangle pocket skirt - a super quick sew with triangle pockets on triangle pockets! •

Want to learn how to make it? Here's the tutorial!