Boys Can Wear Pink! Patch Jacket

By ari - February 06, 2017

It's so cool that this mini celebration of sewing for boys without conforming to gender stereotypes is in it's THIRD YEAR! It's also super cool that i've been partying with Handmade Boy since it started! Our first year I made Vin this super rad button up shirt in fluro pink (Definitely one of my favourite things I've sewn him) and in our second year vincent looked like a completely different kid (?) and rocked out some band tee reconstruction and hella fun leggings!

This year?

I used the Bookworm Button Up shirt pattern by Blank Slate Patterns for the jacket, it just had that look that I needed and I was coming up outta luck for an actual jacket pattern, but this totally worked!

As usual, I don't really use designer fabrics with my sewing (it's hard in australia and I'm hella picky unless it's Robert Kaufman or Alexander Henry because I just like certain things!) so these fabrics were sourced from Spotlight. The black is a stretch denim I've half-made overalls for eddie out of and the beautiful coloured stuff - i have no idea. It's loosely woven and the threads are pretty much thin yarn - it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I love it so much.

Check out that sweet back patch! It's from a shirt i used to wear a lot when I was a young brat going to shows and drinking so much and all that good stuff you do before you have babies and pretend like you're a normal member of society (lmao. who are we kidding here). Anyway, the Bad Moon Company was my friends' band and I remember the very first time I ever saw them i was like OH MY GOD. I'd never heard psychobilly/rockabilly/whatever before and I was so interested and the boys were so friendly and it was just a really awesome time of my life with all the friends I made through them ^_^ Instead of staying as a faded old shirt in my pile of clothes to reconstruct (i'd reconstructed it like 40 times into things i didn't really like) I made it into a back patch!

And then in completely stark contrast we've smashed on all of Vin's favourite badges that are a mix of Star Wars badges he made at Neon Pop and two of my BTS badges. Punk rock at the back, Kpop at the front. OKAY!

I didn't put buttons on it yet, mostly because it's way too hot to actually wear around here and also because it's more of a jacket anyway so the buttons would just be decoration really. We covered the front in his favourite badges

His shirt is the Beachy Boatneck (also by Blank Slate!). I've made it a few times recently but i haven't blogged about it (once here), honestly I really love the shape and the neckline style on vin's slim shoulders. It's not that much more effort to use this pattern over regular t-shirt patterns, just a few extra minutes really but I love it.

The fabric is soo soft and amazing, I'm so stoked with it. Vincent loved it when he saw it, and I dyed the top of the shirt with Dylon fabric dye in Flamingo Pink and he loves it even more! When he tried it on he was just, so over the moon! "Mum it's so soft!"

Don't look too closely in the reflection of his rad specs, Eddie's room has the perfect white wall for quick little shoots but YIKES she is a messy, messy girl.

Oh want to see something cool, this is just me being a total sewing dork because I love doing little throwbacks like this (like when the lining of Vin's jacket for the final look of Project Run & Play was made from the scraps of all the fabrics I'd used throughout the competition!). The yoke lining of the jacket is scrap fabric from the very first Boys Can Wear Pink look I sewed for the man!

Guess what, there's a giveaway too! Thanks so much to Handmade Boy for organising this and thank you so much for all the companies putting forward prizes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Boys Pattern Bundle from Love Notions Patterns
Pattern of choice from Pollywoggles
Pattern of choice from Cole’s Corner and Creations
Pattern of choice from Snuggle My Baby Patterns
Pattern of choice from Sisboom
$25 gift certificate from Hawthorne Threads

Check out everyone else particpating!

Why is he so cool? All poses are Vin Dawg's own - i just can't with him.

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  1. Great work! That Aztec woven really is a stand out!

  2. Oh wow, you dies this yourself! I love the uneven effect at the top, I am a sucker for border prints etc, I have to try this!

  3. Amazing as always! Thank you so much for being on the tour again!

  4. I love him so much. And that jacket!! That multi-color fabric is so stunning.

  5. Can I come hang out with you, so you can dress me and make me this cool? Holy cats. The jacket is awesome. But I think I love the shirt the most. The funky dye job and the eyeball fabric has sold me on it. SO GOOD!!

  6. Vin is definitely the coolest :) I've had the Blank Slate Bookworm pattern for a while- it must be time to sew one up for James. And the dip-dye on the boatneck is spectacular!

  7. I just love your style and uniqueness! Thanks for a laugh and some new patterns

  8. That is a great outfit! I love the coloration on the shirt!

  9. I love all these things paired together. I'm not very original and this is super inspiring!

  10. The jacket and shirt are AMAZING! I absolutely love your dye job! You always make the coolest things and he is the coolest guy ever!

  11. The kids look really great. You show how the style can be different all the time and it is amazing, actually. Hope that you will find this service calledhandmade writings interesting, as well.

  12. Supercool! Yeah! Love it!!!
    And he's so cute, too! <3
    I did purple with black and white pants for my boy with a matching skull sweater - as he says it's his favourite colour! Boys can wear any colour!!!
    Love from Germany, Andrea

  13. Cool imagination! I like your style! Is it too difficult to create something like that? I`m a mother of two girls, and this is actual for me. Thanks for the idea!

  14. Amazing photos, I can not stop looking. I have thesis assignment for different blog so I immediately notice a good job.

  15. Amazing post and so bright photos. Everything looks so fashionable.


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