Thread Faction #113 for One Thimble!

By ari - February 13, 2017

I have a love affair with Thread Faction, but I haven't really been blogging what i've been sewing from the patterns? Mostly because they're lovely simple patterns that I always reach for to sew something up that Eddie or Vin needs (Eddie wears several pairs of #106 to kindy with her kindy shirt!) but I really SHOULD blog some of them because they are cute and you really need to know more about this amazing pattern company! I sewed up #110 aka the best and comfiest romper ever and blogged about it so there's THAT at least (sorry liz i will get onto this, i've made almost all of the patterns available!)


 SO when I saw these cute overalls in the latest issue of One Thimble I was pretty pumped, they looked so comfortable, and then I was even more pumped when I found out they were THREAD FACTION.

Seriously, I can't talk enough about these patterns. These are the ones you reach for when you want a quick sew, when you something easy and basic and totally nothing that needs extra brain power to stitch up (i have no extra brain power leftover these days) BUT at the same time are actually really trendy and adorable?

These little overalls are no exception. I adore the way they came out, there's some really cute ones on the tour as well (stops linked below!). They're simple to sew, but WOW I love the way they sit on my kids and the kids absolutely loved them too. Vin is wearing his right now to play some intense Minecraft :,) The fabric is some knit, both identical types, that i scored from the op shop at two different times (so I'm pretty stoked with that?). I'm not really into matching the kids like, ever, but I really think this looks so cute.

Eddie and Vinnie couldn't stop climbing and jumping and running and playing so this is an a+ pattern for adventurous kids!

You've probably/definitely heard of One Thimble before! It's an e-magazine (up to its fourteenth issue now!) with LOADS of patterns and projects included in it. My first (and only at the moment) contribution was the Zayn Jacket Tutorial but I also sewed up this rad little bow tie for issue 12.


You can grab this issue of One Thimble right here!








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  1. I love this last picture :) Those look so comfy and I can't wait to make this pattern!!

  2. What amazing scenery for this shoot!!! I love the #113 you sewed and I pretty much feel the same way about Liz's patterns - they're amazing!


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