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By ari - July 19, 2017

I actually cannot believe I haven't blogged about this yet? if you know me then obviously you know my blog gf Kat of Sew Chibi - right? If you don't, don't click over just yet because you'll be lost in her magical blog for about 95 years and I have something super amazing to show you first okay? Then you can go o3o

So Kat is the more talented of the two of us; she's an amazing, colourful, inspiring whirlwind of a seamstress but she's also an incredible human too. This girl has taken the plunge into the world of pdf patterns and let me tell you - it's everything you've ever dreamed of.

The PDF patterns themselves are full of colour and fun, as well as all the information you actually need. The instructions are clear and make sense, and my favourite part - the measurements include centimetres! (c'mon america, you're not the only country on the planet). In addition to that, the pattern is SO FUN!

I also learned a few new techniques through sewing this pattern so it's educational too (like how to spell culottes), and I LOVE that. It was honestly the best experience testing this pattern for kat, just printing it all out and reading it with all the love in my heart that i have for this woman because this was something SHE CREATED and i had it in my hands.

The Zou playset can be bought as a set, or separately (the crop top or the bubble shorts). The options for both of these patterns are incredible. The crop top is a boxy shape, perfect for colour blocking, or for adding all of the extras. The entire crop top is an elephant face, although the "ear" ruffles can be put on just as ruffles and leaving the rest off. Honestly i can go through all the options, but kat explains it much better on her blog haha.

You can see my first tester version here (please ignore my botched up neckline, it's not like that in the pattern i promise) that I just did the basic pattern first, the colourblocked crop top (i couldn't resist adding the crown, though) and the bubble shorts - please note this is version was the tester version, so there have been fit changes to the final pattern!

The second version I made is the one you see here, the blue & yellow elephant! I used all the options, which include puffy elephant eyes, "ear" ruffles, a crown, AND A SECRET POCKET in the trunk (honestly I didn't even know it was a pocket until i was sewing it up and following the instructions and my mind was B L O W N). The trunk attaches to the shorts with little ties but i used a snap for eddie's!

The back of the bubble culottes feature a cute little tiny tail too (holy hell i was dying at all the teeny little adorable pattern pieces). I adore how bubbly the culottes are, they fit so well and look so comfortable (Kat I'd like a pattern for these for myself, thanks c: ) and this is definitely one of eddie's favourite outfits - the only problem is that it's winter here and not really appropriate for wearing this kind of outfit just yet! The best part is that the fit is boxy and baggy and eddie will probably be able to wear this for quite some time!

Some hacks I thought up for this pattern include: a rapunzel/tangled set, all in purple with a gold crown on the shoulder (or pascal); a pirate crop in black and white stripes with a parrot on the shoulder; a cat, or a panda!

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