Butterfly Wings

By ari - August 02, 2017

Eddie had a butterfly party at kindy earlier this year, which was the perfect reason for me to sew up these ADORABLE butterfly wings that i'd bought the pattern for like, oh idk, a year ago? I'm always hesitant sewing up things that aren't clothes, like accessories or bags, and I don't really know why. Maybe it's because I know how clothes go together, i can look at something and replicate it because I know what each piece does. Everything else I have no clue haha.

These wings are a great scrap buster, and I used fleece and foam to keep them stiff although the pattern has a lot of instructions on how to do this. The pattern is the Butterfly Wings by Wife-Made (which is super rad because the designer is almost local? She's in the same state as me anyway)

The straps are elasticated and super cute, they also keep the wings on REALLY well. Eddie wore her wings her entire day at kindy and didn't have any problems with them at all. I would love to make so many more of these, they'd make a great gift and I've seen a lot of wings for sale at the shops that are just cheap crappy versions - these are legit perfection.

Eddie is wearing her Rouche & Division dress (pattern by Lil Luxe Collection)

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  1. They're so colorful and fun! I'm always game for wings! That's so cool that the designer is from near you too!!!!


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