Donut Dress

By ari - August 16, 2017

This fun little dress is (another) Safari Raglan, which is a pattern I am pretty obsessed with at the moment for sewing up quick little dresses and shirts for edison. If it looks familiar you're pretty spot on, my first ever safari raglan was made up in the same main fabric, hehe. I just don't really have many knits in my stash that are fun and not like... this ugly blue and this weird purple, and a lot of my sewing is spur of the moment with whatever I have in my stash.

HOWEVER I love it, i love the dots (i got it from the op shop) and contrasting it with scraps of knit fabric for the neckline and cuffs is also fun for pops of colour. I added some strips of pink into the front shoulder seams too. I really wanted to make a punch of shirt dresses for eddie that she can play in, are comfortable, and I can throw some leggings underneath on her when it gets cooler.

The pockets are the fun feature in this dress. I cut out donut shapes and added clear vinyl for the middle to make them more donutty and also, you know, fun! You can see through the pockets!

The pattern is the safari raglan by titchy threads, which also has a dress option which i used here.

Hilariously enough we went to the park to play with my sister and her daughters and Eddie's cousin happened to be wearing the original safari raglan i sewed for eddie. It went in the bags of hand me downs for the baby sister but ruby was wearing it instead!

You can see my other Safari Raglans here:

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