Rainbow Overalls Dress

By ari - August 18, 2017

So I LOVE overalls, i adore them on the kids and I have a pair myself. I had this plans of drafting my own pattern of *proper* overalls because all the patterns I had seen weren't really the style I wanted. I did a *fancy* version for my Bright & Bold lil luxe mini collection but I didn't have any *traditional* ones.

and then, i don't even know how, i found the I Dig Dungarees as soon as they were released. I didn't even know the designer, but after buying them (right away) I really, really, recommend Made by Jack's Mum (i haven't tried any other patterns from MBJM but if you're sewing for a boy I would really check out the others!). The attention to detail in both the pattern and the instructions is something I super appreciate when I'm trying to sew things that are more complicated than a pair of shorts or a shirt.

One of the main reasons I purchased the pattern as soon as I could was not just that they were cute overalls, but they also have adjustments for making them into an overall skirt AND the pattern comes in a HUGE size range (from newborn to age 12). I'm always a little wary of sewing patterns from designers I'm unfamiliar with (when I sewed for Pattern Revolution it taught me a LOT about the way pdf pattern designers differ).

The pattern includes a page printing guide, which is always so A+ for me so i don't have to scroll through the entire pattern and make sure i'm only printing the pages that have the size i want on them. The instructions are AMAZING and very detailed and straight-forward. All the pieces fit together absolutely flawlessly, which made me so happy.

The only problem I had was that you had to scroll down in the instructions to get to the skirt part, then scroll back up for the pockets, then scroll back down. There was a LOT of scrolling which was frustrating. If you're reading this review as a guide I took some notes for you so you don't need to scroll and try and find all the sections you need c:

  • to sew the skirt: page 32
  • to sew the pockets: page 16
  • to sew the top: page 22
  • to sew the side tabs: page 24

Pattern Piecing & Cutting
The pieces are all clearly marked which I totally appreciated (sometimes I get a bit hectic when I piece my patterns together). There's a layers option, which is fantastic, however there are a lot of lines that extend past the pattern piece. I'm not sure if they're leftover lines from another size or if they're just the way the designer has intended them to be? It was a little confusing at first. Maybe it was just the size i sewed up (for eddie i did 'age 4'), but the fold lines also do not have *fold* on them, just a dotted line. I just quickly wrote on them with a fluro sharpie which ones were on the fold so I wouldn't screw up.

I shortened the skirt pattern piece by 5cm, but in the future I'd probably do it even shorter (eddie is a short girl, lol) and instead of having the bib in two separate pieces I cut the fabric on the fold (eliminating 2cm from the pattern piece). I also changed the big pocket to a big fluffy cloud!

I also made a big rainbow plushie from felt for eddie to fit perfectly into the cloud pocket which she LOVES.

Also in the same vein as overalls, I really want to make a pair for myself. There's a few patterns I have my eye on, has anyone sewn them up or have alternative recommendations? I'm not super in love with any of them, really, I prefer a more slim-fit in the pants. Perhaps I should just find a great pant pattern and then draft a bib for it?

  • turia dungarees by Pauline Alice(i like these but i don't like the shape of the pant)
  • ronja dungarees by Named Clothing (these are more a modern take on the more traditional shape i want)

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