Eleven Dress (Stranger Things) and a mini tutorial for the bodice

7:14 pm

Have you seen Stranger Things yet? I didn't watch it for ages because I was certain that it was not for me, anything to do with horror and kids is just, no go (i get too scared!) HOWEVER it wasn't THAT terrifying (okay there was a night I stayed up until 4am to watch a few episodes because it was a bit scary) and I REALLY recommend it. It made me wonder how many people get written off as having delusions when there's actually something that has happened (okay probably not because of a demigorgon but, you know). I LOVED winona ryder as the mum, it was so cool seeing her in a role like that and I really loved Eleven as well - what cool female leads in this show!

ANYWAY I really wanted to make an eleven dress for eddie, the show is set in the early 80s, and I'm pretty sure i had like seven dresses similar when I was a kid! Using the Georgia Dress pattern by Violette Field Threads (again), I made a few adjustments to make it the way I wanted!

So the original pattern is just a plain bodice, but I needed to change some things up to make it more 'eleven'. First was making the pattern have princess seams, which was quite simple. I just drew a line where I wanted the seams to be, and then cut out the side panels with an extra centimetre for seam allowance toward the center.

I totally used a sheet I got for my wedding for this dress, by the way. it's a little darker than I wanted it but after I sewed it all up I thought it was pretty perfect! I cut a big rectangle as tall as the pattern piece and a bit wider too then shirred it (which was really fun!) I always forget how to shir, because on my machine you have to wind the elastic onto the bobbin TIGHTLY (ie, stretch the elastic), whereas other tutorials I have seen online say don't wind it tight. I guess each machine is different, so if it's not working for you, try and do it the other way.

Make sure you spray the fabric with some water and then iron it flat, because it helps SO much with the stretchiness (honestly, when you shir it looks like it's not working but it's not until you've finished sewing it and ending it off that it actually looks fantastic).

Then i traced around the pattern piece (i folded it along the princess line I had made) and added an extra centimetre on the side for seam allowance.

I stitched along the neckline a bit lower than my cut line, just because I was a bit worried the elastic would fling out or something and I wanted to make sure it all stayed secure.

Then I stitched the side pieces to the main bodice piece! Looking good!

I also made a collar (from another sheet, ahah) but had it so it was only on the front of the dress.

Then I followed the instructions in the pattern as normal (I made full length sleeves for this dress) and was SO HAPPY with the outcome.

I tried to make some fake blood up to put on eddie's philtrum like in the movie however Eddie was soooo not enjoying the feeling of it so I removed it (and left a nice red food colouring stain on her skin for a few days ahah)

She wears the dress alot, which is so cute, and it really makes me want to shirr so much more! Of course, she has no idea who eleven is really or anything about the show, but I think when she's older she'll be pretty stoked that she had an eleven dress when she was four!

 I have some stripey fabric that looks like it's from the 70s in my stash that I want to make a mike shirt for Vin with!

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