Rapunzel Dress (with handmade buttons)

By ari - September 13, 2017

I think my favourite makes are the ones that aren't *for* anything in particular, just that I want to sew something and then I do. I found my sketches for a combination of different Little Mermaid outfits based on the Cosette Dress by Violette Field Threads - I did the classic ariel look as a two-piece right here, back in 2015 (woah what) but I had a bunch of other ideas sketched up including sebastian the crab and ursula the sea witch (they're still pinned up on my irl pin board to make eddie one day). Anyway the sketches inspired me to do a rapunzel dress for eddie, since she's short on princess dresses at the moment (she's outgrown the Elsa and the Anna dresses I made her like, 3 years ago) (which I apparently never took photos of and blogged ._. )

I'm pretty certain the pattern is the Georgia Dress (also by Violette Field Threads ahah) because it's the only dress pattern with this basic bodice that i have printed out in eddie's size (lately i've been taking notes when I sew things so i can refer to them when i write my blog posts ie. what went well, what sucked, what needed adjusting; however I think i blanked with this one).

Obviously I hacked this pattern quite a lot! I slashed and spread the sleeves to make them puff sleeves, adding pale pink strips between each slash. Then I found this weird tulle I was about to send to the op shop (i'd had it for years and NEVER used it so i cut myself off a little section to use for this dress then tossed it. I'm good when it comes to culling. sometimes). The tulle became the lower part of the sleeves, which was hectic to sew since it was so fine, and then some underwear elastic in my stash was sewn as the cuff on both the longer sleeve and the shorter sleeve section.

I dipped the front of the bodice and stitched some ribbon to the front in a *corset* sort of dealio. It totally reminded me of these shirts I used to make for myself and sew ribbon to the back of all the time when i was a young brat.

The buttons! Were so fun. I burned the first batch, of course, but this second batch came out so much nicer and I love the colour - luckily i already had clay this colour. You can learn how to make your own buttons over on Kat's blog here.

When I was attaching the sleeve delicately to the bodice my overlocker decided to BITE A MASSIVE TRIANGLE out of the back which had me all like D: but the dress was almost done and I was so not starting it all over, so I made this little triangle patch to go over it. It's not super noticeable, but it is quite definitely there. However it has never inhibited little miss edison from wearing it so it's fine with me!

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  1. I think I need to make my daughter some new princess dresses too. She's got this huge suitcase full of costumes but most are too tight already. I always have a blast when my son wears her snow white dress ahaha i made when she was about 2


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