one thimble issue 17: big day out jacket

By Max - November 09, 2017

I am definitely no stranger to patch/battle/denim jackets (whatever you wanna call em!), i've decorated many, stitched a bunch from scratch too, but this is the first time  the pattern i used was for an actual denim jacket! And i didn't even use denim for it :,) The pattern is the Big Day Out jacket (which is an AWESOME name for a festival jacket since it's one of australia's amazing annual music festivals) and is designed by Ainslee Fox Boutique. The only place you can nab this is either in the latest issue of One Thimble (but also you can buy it as a standalone pattern in the One Thimble shop)

Seriously? it's a very cool pattern. At first i was like, oh god why did i choose the most detailed garment to sew up??? does vin need ANOTHER jacket? but then once i got to it i realised it wasn't as time consuming as i thought it would be (and I have a three month old hanging about!) I just grabbed whatever I had at home, which was some white drill and a bunch of patches that were meant to be on my patch jacket but i haven't got there yet so they landed on this one! (patches are from eBay!). I didn't get any pics of the inside because I am a very tired mother HOWEVER i can tell you that the pockets are lined with a buzz lightyear sheet (the same one I used for the tutorial of Eddie's NOVA dress)(omg i didn't realise that dress and my third kid have the same name.. ahah!). And I also lined the back yoke (it doesn't call for it in the pattern and I'm not 100% sure why i did it? I just like doing that in my yoked shorts/jackets)

I left off the sleeves, since it's summer here and I thought it wouldn't get much use as a full jacket (the dude LOVES his jackets but the things he wears day to day often just involve a hoodie or something easy to slip on). It made the construction time shorter, obviously, but I think it looks just as rad!

The back patch is always the MOST IMPORTANT PART of a patch/battle/festival jacket. Honestly Idek what to call them, everyone has their own name I guess! Vin's backpatch is made from a t-shirt my friend wanted me to resize for her but ended up just letting me have it 8D GOJIRA! of course vincent loves it to death, and so do I. I have a white denim vest similar (it's pure and white and unpatched... right now anyway) and I keep looking at his and wondering if I could squeeze into it? Check my instagram for the results of this experiment in the near future!

I'm kind of mad that I didn't get any close-ups of the buttons either, they're really cute little white smiley faces!

When Nova was born (whaaat, how has he not made an appearance on the blog yet?), the midwife wrote down NASA on our discharge forms. It was pretty hilarious, really, and kinda close! Therefore it's become his nickname, baby NASA. We've been collecting everything NASA related now, we always loved space (i mean, his name right!), but now it's actually really funny finding his 'name' on things.

You can grab the latest issue of One Thimble (#17!) here!

i realised half way through sewing this up that i've low key been inspired by jungkook's bomber jacket in the mic drop performance which is hilarious to me because it was not intentional! Want to check out all my past patch jackets? we have this bad boy featuring a back patch from a friend's old band! I decorated this one for a friend's baby girl, star wars themed! One of my favourite's is this one with mis-matched sleeves and a mickey mouse back patch! My very own patch jacket that i have never blogged about BUT SHOULD. Eddie also has started decorating her very own battle jacket too c:

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