Sunday, 28 January 2018

Sunny Top

Sunny Top + Pizza Pocket by Max California

Ayyyye look at me sewing for myself! Actually i've been doing it a little bit more than i usually do, i just haven't taken any proper photos but that will be rectified soon! Today I'm bringing you the first offering from the Sew My Style 2018 challenge. Is challenge the right word? I'm not sure. Anyway, i mentioned a little bit of it here and you can read more about Sew My Style over here too!


Tuesday, 9 January 2018

2018 Make Nine!

we're only nine days into january but i've already sewn up a bunch of pieces and blogged about NONE of them. It's just been so crazy hot and i'm still trying to juggle this whole three kids thing but i'm getting the swing of things and today we managed to do a shoot with vin for a project i'm working on (my due date for myself is APRIL and i think i can do it!) so i'm confident that everything else will fall into place too!

I'm doing a bunch of little sewing challenges this year, my sewjo is back, Vin & Ed will both be in school this year (I KNOW WHAT) and i've moved my sewing machines out into the dining room so it's to sew here and there during the day and at night when the kids go to bed. It's actually really nice because i can still have conversations with people when i sew and i feel like i'm not locked away to never speak to people (don't get me wrong, i LOVE having solitude me time, but during the day that just does not happen).

So being all ambitious and ready (since november last year ahah) I've found a handful of challenges i'm into! The first being the #2018makenine

There's so much stuff I want to make! I narrowed down my bucket list to just nine, though, and most likely I'll be making loads of other things. As you can see there is nothing there for Vin, but that's because I've had this MASSIVE project planned for him that i mentioned above (there's foreshadowing everywhere, just keep an eye out on the get your cray on tag). Okay, let's break down my make nine!