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By ari - January 28, 2018

Sunny Top + Pizza Pocket by Max California

Ayyyye look at me sewing for myself! Actually i've been doing it a little bit more than i usually do, i just haven't taken any proper photos but that will be rectified soon! Today I'm bringing you the first offering from the Sew My Style 2018 challenge. Is challenge the right word? I'm not sure. Anyway, i mentioned a little bit of it here and you can read more about Sew My Style over here too!

January had us sewing the Sunny Dress by the Friday Pattern Company! Which, well i really loved the idea of it. It's just a simple t-shirt dress you know and I have a few basic shirt patterns so I didn't think i'd need another and honestly, i probably did not. I bought it anyway, and while on a bunch of other seamstresses it looked amazing, i just wasn't feeling it. Possibly it was the stripes, you know I never really cared about horizontal striped making me look bigger than I am, but my current body shape is quite interesting post-third-baby! I know i'm looking pretty good, my legs are long and make me look skinnier than I am (and also like a spider) but my boobs are GIANT (they're ridiculous really, i always thought hitting yourself in the chin while working out was an urban myth - NOPE!) and since my torso is short and with not much waist definition I'm increasingly more critical of what i should be wearing.

Sunny Top + Pizza Pocket by Max California

But also, on the other hand, I don't care that much? I wear clothes that make me feel happy, and the rainbow stripes and pizza pocket on this shirt make me feel happy!

Sunny Top + Pizza Pocket by Max California

I sewed up the dress first, but yeh, like mentioned above I DID NOT LIKE IT. Other people who saw it did like it but I knew that practically i would never be wearing this! I'm breastfeeding, so wearing a dress and hiking it up to feed Nova wasn't going to happen (however after I finished this top I saw a hack on the facebook group a mama did to make it breastfeeding friendly - NOTED, this is happening).

Sunny Top + Pizza Pocket by Max California
before i hacked it. vin takes better photos than his dad lolll. 
I didn't like the length of the dress, or of the sleeves, but I've seen other people's sews of this and it looks really good on them so maybe I will try again in a more neutral fabric? HAHA who am i kidding, i'm all about the bold brights now. I feel a beginner wouldn't have a very fun time putting this together following the instructions if this was the first tee they've ever sewn? To be honest I followed like, the beginning and then winged it because I can put together a tee and setting the sleeves in BEFORE the sideseams is such a nice and easy little way to zip a tee together! If you're going to make this tee i would highly recommend having a little scoot around on google and read some reviews so you can make this fit nice for you! I really would like to do some tweaks to the pattern to get it to fit my body better? I did learn A LOT, not from sewing this up but from reading other sewists' reviews and tips. Very interesting!

Sunny Top + Pizza Pocket by Max California
looks cuter tucked in! like i have some sort of waist HHAHA

The pattern is very basic, it's a t-shirt dress, and while I hacked it shorter and the sleeves too, I'm not in love with the shape of it really. I could be super critical, but you know another thing? As much as I say i'm not into this pattern as much as other shirt patterns i have, this shirt I am ALWAYS wearing SO maybe I don't really have that much of a problem ahha.

Some notes about the pattern:

  • there are no layers options, no biggie really and kinda worked well for me since i blended sizes.
  • there's no size chart on the pattern. You can find it here on the site.
  • the sizing isn't very extensive. I wear a size 10 or 12 (australian) and that translated to an L that I blended to an XL in the waist. (the pattern goes up to XXL)
  • 5% of the proceeds from this pattern go toward a charity - the Against Malaria Foundation ! which is pretty cool really
  • I added a pocket to the front of mine because pockets need to go on everything (legit i have a Pocket Plan this year)
  • I did a bound neckline
  • I shortened the sleeves too
Let me tell you how much tim tries to take decent photos of me and they just.... well he took a lot and these were the best out of them all. Four photos. He was holding Nova at the same time but yeh. HE TRIES okay guys.

Sunny Top + Pizza Pocket by Max California

Will i make this pattern again? I whinged a bit but yeh, i probably will. It's already printed out and ready in my size so I most likely will! Just need to get my hands on more cute knits (which spotlight is doing better at stocking but maybe I need to dip into those custom fabrics? I kinda want to make a shirt with my face all over it)

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  1. That pattern sounds a little bare bones but you rocked the crap out of it cuz rainbows and pizza. Oh and you didn't just have a baby, I refuse to believe you look THAT incredible because I seriously fell out after akira and turning 35 lol. All the colors and that wall make me super happy!!


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