Boys Can Wear Pink: Season 4 - overalls!

By ari - February 28, 2018

Wow, can you believe Boys Can Wear Pink is in its fourth year? This year it is Nova's debut into the series! I'm going to ramble about vinnie for a moment though, the pioneer in boy's fashion for me!

When I had vinnie, i had no problems putting him in black or pink or anything (even though many around me did). He's just owned it, really, and while he's a very soft and sensitive boy with low confidence (it really does break my heart) it there's one thing he is confident in it is wearing whatever he wants to wear - because i have always tried to encourage him that whatever he is comfortable in is fine. Of course this means not only does he wear whatever colours he wants to wear because, as we all know, colours have no genders - this also means that he wears his shirts inside out and back to front or no real reason than he can.

I do have to bite my tongue to tell him to "fix" his shirt, because who am i to tell him that he's "wrong" for wearing his shirt like that? I encourage him to embrace his fashion the way he wants, i'm not the one to set rules and limitations like that. However, i do remind him that other people might have something to say about it and so he is always prepared in case they do - and that makes him confident. He goes to school in holographic shoes (i feel we've only bought him shoes from the designated 'boys' section maybe three times in his entire life) and surprisingly enough all his boy friends have no issues (they know him, he's educated them) but it's the girls that have the problems with him wearing 'girl' shoes or 'girl' pants (this kid loves his leggings- because they're comfortable)- which in my personal opinion is just silly since they've known him for five years and it doesn't look like he's going to start conforming any time soon! deal with it, babies.

Because of this, because of vincent feeling confident in his own sense of style (which i can't say is distinctly from me and my confidence in fashion because in other aspects of out lives it's not like that) i just really thought it would be like that for all boys. Well apparently not! if you read the other blog posts in this tour both this season and past you'll see, or maybe you have your own little boy and you know how lucky i must be to have a boy that is this way, that is confident in wearing what he wants to wear (which is sort of funny because he will wear shorts to school on the coldest day because wearing pants makes him anxious - in case no one else is wearing pants) - expressing himself in the ways that he wants to express himself.

The thing is, we can't make our kids wear pink because it's pushing gender traditions and we want to make a statement about that. I know a lot of my family and friends think that is that what i do, mostly because i am so fierce and loud about feminism and equality for us all. it is a statement, seeing a boy in pink, but it is a statement from that little boy. And it really is just that he wants to wear that colour. As adults it's easy to look too much into things, but when i ask vinnie why he wears a tutu to the gym his innocent answer is because he knows it will make his friends laugh. that's it, plain and simple.

he wears pink because it's his favourite colour

ANYWAY that was a whole lot of words and this post is actually meant to be about nova and his amazing pink overalls! The funny thing is that while i'm a huge fan of pink on all boys because why not, i rapidly realised after having my second boy that maybe pink just doesn't suit all boys.

I don't know what it is, maybe it's because he's a bit ginger (it's hard to capture in photos because my photography skills are still so lacking, but he has ginger hair, eyebrows, eyelashes ahha - no clue where that came from!) but when i started putting him in the pink hand-me-downs of his brother and sister (and cousins) it just didn't look right. I still do it anyway, and he still gets called a pretty little baby girl with beautiful dimples because he's in a purple floral onesie...

and honestly, i don't care. the stranger thinks my baby girl is pretty, they probably also think i'm at least five years younger than i am and that he's my first baby. they're wrong, but that's ok ;)

I honestly made these overalls up thinking they would be too big for him, but would you believe his thighs are so ginormous and CHUNKY (and delicious) that i had a struggle getting his legs in?

The pattern is the I DigDungarees by Made by Jack's Mum (who is also on the tour) and i sewed it in the 6-12mth size. I've sewn this up before, so you can check out my notes on it there, but overall (lol) i still REALLY love this pattern for the professional garment you'll end up with. maybe it's all that topstitching? i don't know, i just love it.

The fabric is from spotlight, a printed cotton duck that i had every intention on sewing something for MYSELF out of but, you know, little tiny pink overalls just seemed so much cuter! I have at least a metre left, so something for me or something for Vinnie? Let me know in the comments! Also i'd love to hear your thoughts on any of the subjects i touched upon here, or just tell me a story about how hard it is to raise a boy? Well, my firstborn boy at least is very difficult for me, i'm constantly questioning myself

Gosh those dimples, though. We're all excited he is developing wrists and ankles in his fat rolls. he'll be seven months old tomorrow!

I do need to add another set of buttons above the ones i have there, the straps are just too long but i had to half measure him while he was asleep so that's what happens!

Here's some of my looks from the past season! I do plan on doing a part two later this week with some stuff i've made Vin as a little sneaky peek of a bigger project but we'll see how it goes. It's increasingly hard getting in photoshoot time with the two older ones at school and you know, being a mum of three now! I just need to set up some sort of cool photoshoot corner at my house to save me from driving all the way into town - but those graffiti walls are SO amazing, those artists have done a fantastic job!

Season One
Season Two

Season 3

If you're interested in more sewing for boys ideas that aren't regular boy's stuff, check out my sewing for boys tag or the page compiled of all my boy diys!

don't forget to check out what everyone else is making!

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  1. Gosh those dungarees are gorgeous in that fabric. I love them.

    My daughter is similar to your son as in she’s shy but she has strong opinions on what she likes to wear and it’s never about what other people are wearing. She wears her clothes inside out, she layers things up in a way that only a child would and odd socks have become the norm. But once I took her to GAP to buy her some jeans, it was the first time that rtw jeans had ever fit her so I was really excited. They were slim and stretchy and fit perfectly at the waist and thighs but unfortunately too short for her long legs. I tried to convince her to have them because they looked sooo cool when turned up. She replied “I don’t want to be cool, I just want to be me”. I always try to remember this when I make her clothes. It’s not about what I think she LOOKS great in, it’s about what she FEELS great in.

  2. My oldest guy (3 years) absolutely loves the color pink! Not gonna lie, my hubs struggled with that at first, but after some talking about how colors don’t have gender and about how he’s only 3 years old, he’s much cooler about it now! Izzy LOVES hot pink neon tees and other pops of pink in his clothes. 😉

  3. I have a major crush on that fabric and those overalls. You should make like a shredded black denim vest jacket with a frayed back and some that as a back panel!🙃 It's so funny that Vin loves pink so hard because Azy loathes; it runs from it. Sephira loves everything and anything even black and they both love trying out stuff that is more antigirl and weird. Yep they get picked on about it, Sephira is like vin with her convictions but azy is a sensitive soul and gets picked on about it and takes it to heart although it won't change her. She's fierce in her love of Pokemon, Digimon, Yu Gi Oh, Yokai Watch, and the like. Everything from Trolls songs to Bii they love. Ari you should have seen Sephira's face when I played some Youtube of the Chinese version of Trolls and Bii was singing and acting in them as Branch. Both of them were speechless and like died. Literally fell out on the floor, i have pictures somewhere, lol. Point is we weird moms are making the world so much more eclectic and interesting and informed and cool. I can't believe people think Nova is a girl; he's such a little man to me! Maybe his color will be like purple or something that compliments the pink that Vin loves. The boys wear pink movement I think isn't just cool, but important. Love this post!


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