Sunday, 13 May 2018

one thimble issue 19: beep beep raglan

This issue of one thimble is once again packed full of really fun patterns and articles, tutorials and tips and just a whole hoarde of fun stuff to sew and to inspire you! There's also an amazing section about running your own handmade business which i think is so useful!

The beep beep raglan is super cute, to be honest, but i couldn't resist "making it mine". While the little roadmap jumper is amazing, i was thinking along the lines of wizard of oz and the yellow brick road and then it hit me - candyland c:

I haven't actually ever played this game, it's not an australian thing here, but i've always been really fascinated by it ahha. So i grabbed some stuff out of my stash and used my infamous rainbow pride fabric for the "road"

I'm beyond stoked that all of this fabric was in my stash, i'm working my way through it (but not restricting myself from buying new fabric haha) but i love that i can use all the scraps of fun fabric for the baby boy! The Beep Beep raglan is designed by Made By Jack's Mum; i've sewn MBJM patterns here and here so i knew that it was going to be one of those patterns that are straightforward and made sense to me. Sometimes I'm hesitant about trying new designers, but when it's designers i've already used before i'm way more keen to sew up their patterns! What about you? Do you just plunge in or do you circle the idea a few times?

The size range goes from newborn all the way up to age 12, which is also one of the things i look for when i buy patterns! With three kids I don't really want to buy just small sizes anymore, so if the range is wide enough i'm way more inclined to buy it! I think i sewed up the size one of this, since he's a bruiser but also short, and i figured he can grow into it if it was too big! I've been caught out sewing things too small for him before (i mean i could measure him, but my sewing time is usually between the hours of 8-midnight so i guess a lot). He's the last in our handmedown chain so things for him are the last of mine and my sister's kids that will get to wear it! Of course my favourite part is handing handmade stuff over to our friends and knowing they will get a continued life, i'm even more stoked when it's stuff i've made for vincent and it's still going strong!

Instead of doing a regular applique, i went for my good ol favourite of reverse applique. it's just easier for me and i like the way it looks! This jumper has been photographed after being worn and washed and i really love that everything just stayed the same (you know how things can look great and then you wash it and wow oops oh no!?). The pattern for the road is included, but there's also instructions on how to just do your own road! Also you can just leave the road off and have a cute jumper with deep pockets! (i've seen it made up into a dress also, so there's THAT)

 The pockets could probably be my favourite part about this jumper! I decided to replicate two of the lands in candyland, the ice cream sea and the peppermint forest! I had to piece the red and white striped fabric together, but it was such a small scrap it didn't take me long at all.

I love pockets on baby clothes, like what the heck are they going to do with them? I love pockets though, i've made a #pocketpromise this year to put pockets on EVERYTHING (except leggings because i like to look streamlined in those haha) that I sew, and so far i'm doing pretty well!

the ice cream sea was two fabrics placed over each other, pink fleece and pink flannel (it used to be a sheet). I sketched a little wave design over it and then stitched it before cutting the fleece parts away and leaving this cool effect. I think i need to make it on a grander scale for something!

 I wasn't sure this jumper was going to turn out as great as i pictured, and even when i finished it i sort of just stood there and thought, is this too much? i think i just get nervous because my style is way different to most of my sewing friends' or anyone else i know, really, so i wonder if people are just going to be like wooooooow wtf is that? Then i remember i'm not sewing for anyone else but me and my kids SO i stop caring and start loving ^_^

If anyone is worried, there were literally four other people in the room when i was taking photos of the bub, and no candy was consumed by him ^_^ It's almost like having a first baby again with the level of paranoia I have for his existence.

you can see a little sneakpeek of what's inside this issue right here:

and you can go buy it over here!

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jumper: beep beep raglan pdf pattern (made by jack's mum, available exclusively here)
jeans: $15 kmart o/
ice-cream nightlight: also from kmart yolo


Thursday, 10 May 2018

Santorini Sunsuit

This cute little romper is the Santorini Sunsuit by my very favourite Lil Luxe Collection! I tested this at the end of last year and ADORED it so, so much. I wound up making three more for eddie and her cousins to wear to the new years' party (you can see them here on my instagram, also here). I haven't taken proper photos of those rad ones but i did manage to get some snaps of eddie in this. It was the first tester round of it, so some things have been altered in the final version (mostly the back waistband area of the sunsuit!)

Santorini Sunsuit (pdf pattern) sewn by ☾

The fabric was this little scrap of green from the op shop, i really love this kind of fabric because it is LEGIT from the 90s and it makes me so happy! There's never going to be anything like this sunsuit to ever exist and that is just my style isn't it!