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By ari - July 26, 2018

There's only one styling that ever comes to mind whenever i think of these sorts of puffer vests (or any vests at all, really), and even though i'm not really a vest kind of girl there was no doubt that the puffin vest needed to be sewn up Marty McFly style for vin!

marty mcfly • sewn by max california

Did you know that the Project Run & Play competition also now features a PATTERN SHOP? heck yeh it does! The patterns available were ones developed by the designers especially for their Project Run & Play entries - how rad is that? Today i'm showcasing the Puffin Vest, made by Jess from Gracious Threads! You can see her original debut of the vest here for her Pokemon trainer look (so cute omg)

marty mcfly • sewn by max california

SO ANYWAY, i chose the puffin vest, i've been wanting to do a marty mcfly outfit for vinno for years and years, and now he's nine it's probably about time :,) The original pattern has either this mandarin-collar style or with a hood! Usually i'm all for hoods you know, but i wanted to keep this as OG McFly as usual so i went with just the collar stand

marty mcfly • sewn by max california

See that Y shape in the back? No biggie, just a FLUX CAPACITOR and it LIGHTS UP.

I felt like this vest just wasn't extra enough so that happened. I sewed a channel in between the red fabric and the fleece i was using to as insulation. i made a welt opening on the lining fabric so you could easily access the flux capacitor. It lights up from a pink shoelace ahha! It's easy to just take out to wash and then you just shove it all back in.

marty mcfly • sewn by max california
he can actually skate now, i'm so impressed *-*

marty mcfly • sewn by max california

marty mcfly • sewn by max california

So McFlurrys? When i was trying to explain my vision to Kat, this auto-correct happened

and then i just felt compelled to go with it I stitched a big M for McDonalds in the lining of the jacket because WHY NOT?

marty mcfly • sewn by max california
don't even think about inspecting that awful excuse for a welt opening ._. i legit just sewed two PERFECT ones for eddie's pants and then this :|

Each week a different section of the shop is going to be showcased (this week is outerwear!), which also means that you can get 20% off the patterns in that section only! The discount is already applied, so no code is necessary, but make sure you take advantage of this sale because audrey isn't planning on holding them very often!

Something else that is cool? The giveaway! You can win four patterns from the shop (one from each section) plus fabric! Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Vin's just wearing clothes of his own underneath, but his denim jacket is one that i made for him! the legendary Zayn Jacket! I want to really quickly give a huge mention to Audrey of Skirt Fixation who has done an INCREDIBLE job of taking over Project Run & Play and creating this incredible new chapter of it. I'm really stoked to be a part of it all! You had the coolest vision, audrey, and seeing it actually come to fruition is a huge testament to your drive. You're so impressive!

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  1. AUTOCORRECT FTW! 😆🙌 This vest seems like it'll be one in heavy rotation perhaps? I'd wear it all the time for sure lolololol!!! Everything Vin wears makes me want to buy it too! He's the best kid model, man. Did you post a pic of the lighting up off the back somewhere too? Also, it's so puffy and I love the collar stand style, (despite being an avid lover of hoods like you!) The fabric for the lining and the M look so authentic! And ain't no hatin' on your welt; heck, I cut a giant rectangle out of mine (momentary lapse in welt sewing awareness i suppose.) and had to add a whole panel of fabric to fix it 😂. Derp welting sisters!!!! And I totally concur on all the things you said about Audrey! The changes are really stellar! Excited about the future!

    P.S.) Let's collaborate soon on one of the things we were talking about before!!!!

    1. i totally didn't and then i forgot to take the laces out to wash it and now they don't work LOL, but i have green ones i'll throw in there :,) but yes, i miss collabbing with you mama <3


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