Thread Faction #202: Panda Pants

By ari - August 24, 2018

panda pants •

let's see how many pics of my butt i can put on my blog before you get sick of it :,) OKAY BUT(T) FOR REAL I'm pretty stoked to be bringing you my take on the latest thread faction pattern. you bubs should know i'm a fan of the simple but effective designs from liz (i haven't blogged about everything i've made yet but there's a small chunk here)

DIY panda pants •
DIY panda pants •

 What do you call these things? I call them knickers, the word panties just freaks me out haha, underwear? underpants? undies? ANYWAY whatever you call them, we all wear them and you may as well sew your own because it takes like 10min to cut it out and stitch it together and can you really go wrong with that? Also the scrap-busting is PERFECT with these!

DIY panda pants •

i went the easy route with these and used bands for the waist and leg holes instead of fancy elastic! I do have lingerie elastic and also fold-over elastic but the sort of underpants i wear have sturdy waistbands (ie bonds) so i went with what i knew i was going to love. and i do, i love them :D

DIY panda pants •
DIY panda pants •
I love the cut of them too, i guess it depends on your fabric but mine is very high stretch so they're high waisted on me and i love the leg cut as well. I think they're flattering! the seams are on teh front instead of the sides so you can do some fun colour blocking. I didn't get a pic of the inside gusset but i used a more cotton based stretch fabric since it was going against a very important part of my body and i felt it needed to breath a bit you know? Anyway the gusset has cactii on it so it's still cute too!

DIY panda pants •

want more butts? check out the rest of the tour here:







DIY panda pants •

The fabric is from Sew Big Fabrics, it was my first ever custom order and while it was from the US (i'm starting to order from australian places now bc, the shipping is intense, and also i want to support aussie made!) i couldn't NOT because the prints were SO CUTE. Also i bought it knowing that not a scrap of this fabric was for the kids, it's all for ME okay? About time :D they're really friendly and the fabric is sooo insanely soft I love it. I get so many compliments on my shirt!

DIY panda pants •

The shirt is the Union St Tee by Hey June, its my go to for t-shirts because it's such a good fit and i get a good looking shirt every time. I've bought a few cute RTW shirts from artists because i love their prints (and supporting artists) but the fit is really boxy and bad so i'm trudting in m union st tee to cut them into a more flattering shape!

Socks are Dragonball Z from JayJays 
Goldfish earrings from eBay

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DIY panda pants •

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  1. This is so so amazing, I love all of it. Definitely need to try making myself some underwear. Ps you have a great butt.

    1. you should! it's honestly super simple and you can use up all your scraps!


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