Azur Swimsuit & Giveaway!

By ari - October 13, 2018

It's heating up here in australia, like the world knows it's spring so instantly it's super hot and ready to bake us all - at leats it was, it's been raining the last three days which is also exciting because oh man we need the rain so very badly. but spring means summer is coming and that means trips to the pool and beach holidays and hikes and exploring and just being out and about in the world and that is SO EXCITING for me.

it's also exciting because that means swimsuits for the kids (and also rashies because how about that australian sun :,) ) and that means i get to sew more stuff for the two big kids that already have sooo much stuff. Eddie has outgrown all her swimsuits, and with swim lessons starting for her this term through school i was pretty excited to finally try out the azur swimsuit. i've had it in my pattern stash for such a long time and it sewed up pretty rapidly!

it's reversible, which is fun and also handy because it means you don't have to line everything. there's a few options with the straps but i chose the crossover back as well as the little horizontal backstrap.

the striped lycra is from spotlight probably, another thing in my stash for 84 years, and the galaxy print is from cali fabrics. i'm going to make her a little rashie as well from the galaxy to go with it so she can be sunsafe c: the fabric i have is a purple sort of mix, and i couldn't find the exact colourway but there's a blue one here.

The pattern is fairly straightforward, although i made a few errors. at first i just cut out one of each piece, because that's what it said on the pattern pieces. obviously you need two because you need it to be reversible. essentially you're cutting out two swimsuits, so keep that in mind!

another thing i really struggled with was sewing the legholes and turning it the right way. I still have no idea what i was supposed to do, because i unpicked it twice (after screwing up twice) and just sort of did it my own way. Which worked out so that's good!

Edison LOVES her swimsuit, to pieces, and i'm going to make her a matching one for her cousin. It'll be so cute to see them swimming together in their matching reversible togs!

The Azur Reversible Swimsuit is available at 20% for a limited time in the Project Run & Play shop! For the chance to win one a copy of the pattern, leave a comment on this post. Winner will be chosen at random \o/

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  1. That is the coolest swimsuit! I'd wear it ALL THE TIME! And Eddie's little tush is the cutest! ❤🙊

  2. This is so cute! I would love to make one for my granddaughter.


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