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By ari - April 03, 2019

project farmer's market •

Good morning! I'm so excited to share with you the first Project Run & Play pattern collection! it's got an adorable theme (Farmer's Market) and all the designers involved are past contestants in PRP!

I sewed up two of the patterns in the collection, the D'Anjou Dress by Duchess & Hare and the Ichigo Bomber by my girl Kat from Sew Chibi Designs! I also made the Mochi Bag which is a freebie also over on Sew Chibi!

PLEASE forgive me for these horrible photos. I normally hate disclaimers but here we are. I took the pics at the wrong time of day and i thought i'd just use my phone but let me tell you, portrait mode does not transfer from my phone to my laptop well at all and yeesh. That's what i get from buying a cheapie little lappy (and also being too lazy to use my camera which i will use from now on!)

project farmer's market •

the d'anjou dress

I chose the d'anjou dress mostly because eddie is finally growing out of all the dresses i've made for her over the years and she is in great need of some pretty feminine little things. While this girl very much has her own style, it teeters between being a full on pink princess to something that is just uniquely her.

project farmer's market •

the d'anjou dress is a simple little bodice dress with a gathered skirt, the pintucks in the front bodice with the flutter sleeves and the fun little origami-esque pockets make it unique! I used the rest of this beautiful green crepe i bought from spotlight a few months ago (on clearance!)(for myself!) because it loved the little turquoise flower things on it. I don't even know what they are, they look like the tops of pineapple to me ahah. 

project farmer's market •

The flutter sleeves are so cute on her little shoulders, i can't stand it. I sewed up the size 6 for her and i think my favourite part of the whole pattern was that it was no trim! I just had to print it (i'm in australia, so it was a4) and just overlap the pages where it was marked and stick them down. no cutting involved! which was fun because that is so time consuming to be honest!

project farmer's market •

I did get confused with the measurements for the underskirt and overskirt, i'm not sure if it's the copy of the pattern i had (sometimes when i review patterns i am sent tester versions that are not the final copy!) or whether i was just still sick but I just couldn't work it out. Instead of doing two skirts, since i didn't have any fabric nice enough to be an underskirt anyway, I just kept it single layer. I love the way this fabric drapes and flits around her knees!

the mochi bag

this free little pattern is everything i needed without knowing i actually needed. I used the scrap left over from some sequin mesh fabric (a project i am yet to even blog about dhogwngohwed ITS BEEN YEARS please someone tell me to get it together) and backed it with some black drill. combined with the interfacing and the lining fabric i used, thi little cross body bag is really sturdy without feeling bulky at all.

i love the way the tabs turned out on the sides, and using simple bag hardware i hadn't really used much before? i mean i've used d-rings and sliders and strapping but i'm not sure, this time it felt LEGIT ahha.

I'm not 100% in love with the exposed seams for the lining so next time i'm going to sew it up like two bags and join them (that sounds confusing but i know how to line!). I AM 100%in love with the way the light hits the sequins!

the ichigo bomber

oh heck this is just a cute little pattern, which shouldn't surprise anyone since kat is getting a name for her patterns that are consistent with the unique and colourful clothing she makes for her kids!

the ichigo bomber is  cute little bomber jacket with a fun colour-blocked wave effect that actually is MUCH simpler than it looks. I was un-enthused about trying to finagle those pieces but they came together so quick and easy i shocked myself ahha. I grabbed the teal fabric and kat pointed out how it looked like a watermelon skin so i went on a hunt to find a watermelon-flesh-coloured fabric for the bottom part. I succeeded, and both of the outer fabrics came from the op-shop in the end! Just a year in between them.

the ribbing on the neck, wrists and bottom adds to the cosiness of this jacket and while there are patterns for strawberry, blueberry & carrot juice appliques included in the pattern, kat designed a watermelon juice one for this bomber!

I bought the watermelon knit fabric from spotlight specifically to line this with. The original pattern does not come lined, but in australia there is rarely that inbetween weather so if eddie needs to grab a jacket it needs to keep her warm! i do believe that kat is working on a lined bomber jacket very soon (so please look forward to it with me!)

 Things have been quiet here on the blog, but i've actually been sewing up a lot and documenting it quickly on my instagram, so if you need your max fix you should follow me!

she's almost seven. what is happening here, my friends?

You can check out the rest of the makes for the collection over on the PRP blog

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  1. How is Eddie almost 7!!!? Seems like yesterday they were running around in Sailor Moon and Nyan Cat dresses for Sew Geeky, right?! I love the sequins you used for her Mochi Bag, and yes, if it wasn't a freebie (and it didn't take me only a week to draft, lol) I would have played around with a better lining option (thinking about doing it for the future but at that point I wonder if it should still be a freebie then 🤔😂). I feel ya though! And it looks so perfectly Eddie! LOVE! And her dress is in two of my very favorite colors!! And of course her Ichigo is so rad! I'm so happy with how the lined version came out!!! Thank you so much, babe, for sharing all of your happy, colorful makes!!!!! 🥰🥰🥰


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